Place of Service Codes List in Medical Billing?(2021)

What is POS?

Place of service(POS) codes list in medical billing are playing an important role in every claim. The place where you get performed services is called the place of service (POS) like doctors’ office, hospital, emergency care, etc. In USA healthcare it is predefined that for every place where services performed denoted by some numbers and it is mandatory that before submitting any claim place of service should be correctly coded.

Some examples of place of service (POS) Codes:

  • Doctors Office visit POS- 11
  • Home visit POS- 12
  • Inpatient Hospital POS- 21
  • Emergency care POS- 23

Place Of Service Codes List In Medical Billing

The following POS codes should be used in professional claims to specify that where service rendered.

POS CodeDescription
POS 01Pharmacy or place where drug or medical related products sold
POS 02Telehealth , the place where health related services are provided  through a telecommunication.
POS 03School
POS 04Homeless Shelter
POS 05Indian Health Service
POS 09Prison
POS 11Office Visit
POS 12Home Visit
POS 13 Assisted Living facility
POS 14Group Home (residence with shared living area)
POS 15Mobile Unit
POS 16Temporary Lodging (Short term accommodation like hotel, lodge, guest house etc.)
POS 17Walk in Retail Health Clinic
POS 18Worksite for employment
POS 19Off campus Outpatient Hospital
POS 20Urgent care Facility
POS 21Inpatient Facility
POS 22On Campus Outpatient Hospital
POS 23Emergency Room Hospital
POS 24Ambulatory Services
POS 25Birthing Center
POS 26Military Area
POS 27-30Not Assigned
POS 31Skilled Nursing Facility
POS 32Nursing Facility
POS 33Custodial care Facility
POS 34Hospice Care
POS 35-40Not Assigned
POS 41Ambulance Land
POS 42Ambulance Air/Water
POS 43-48Not Assigned
POS 49Independent Clinic
POS 50Fedral Qualified Center
POS 51Inpatient Psychiatric 
POS 52Psychiatric Facility, partial hospitalization
POS 53Mental Health center Community
POS 54Intermediate Care Facility
POS 55Residential Abuse Treatment Facility
POS 56Residential Treatment Center- Psychiatric
POS 57Non Residential Abuse Treatment Facility
POS 58Non-Residential Opioid Treatment
POS 59Not Assigned
POS 60Mass Immunization Center
POS 61Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation center
POS 62Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation center
POS 63-64Not Assigned
POS 65ESRD- End Stage Renal Stage
POS 66-70Not Assigned
POS 71Public Health Clinic
POS 72Rural Health Clinic
POS 73-80Not Assigned
POS 81Independent Lab
POS 82-98Not Assigned
POS 99Other Place Of Service

Codes for place of service (POS) in medical billing are in numeric forms always. If Place of service code is not updated correctly in a claim, get denials in a claim for the invalid place of service so need to update it correctly.

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