CO 109 Denial Code Description and Solution

CO 109 denial code meaning and solution

Denials are playing a very important part in medical Billing, If denials are handled very carefully then revenue increased automatically. CO 109 Denial Code is a common denial in RCM so we learn how to handle this denial. CO 109 Denial Code Description Co 109 denial code means Claim or Service not covered by this … Read more

What is Medical Assistant Jobs|How to Get Certified Medical Assistant Jobs

certified medical assistant jobs

With the increase in the coronavirus outbreak along with other diseases getting spread there is an urgent need to increase medical assistant jobs. It’s obvious, as the medical industry is working 24/7. Employment in the medical industry has also increased rapidly with more hands being required to cure the rapid spread of diseases. Therefore there … Read more

Anxiety ICD 10 Codes Description in Medical Billing

icd 10 anxiety

ICD 10 or International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD) and health-related problems is a medical classification by the World Health Organization that is used by doctors to identify and code health conditions. It is now in its 10th version. When it comes to Anxiety ICD 10 it has been coded to F41. 9 ICD 10 … Read more

ICD 10 Code For Hypothyroidism

icd 10 code for hypothyroidism

The ICD 10 code is used by doctors to document problems like Hypothyroidism. The ICD 10 code for hypothyroidism is used to indicate a diagnosis of hypothyroidism listed by the World Health Organization under a range of Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases. It consists of the following Codes E01.8 for iodine deficiency for thyroid-related disorders … Read more

List of UB 04 Condition Codes in Hospital Billing(2021)

UB 04 condition codes list in medical billing

National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) defines UB 04 Condition Codes in its ‘UB-04 Data Specifications Manual 2007’ as codes used to identify conditions or events relating to this bill that may affect processing. The form locators (FL) 18 to 28 are listed as condition codes in the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Manual System. The … Read more

ICD 10 Code Low Back Pain (2021)

low back pain icd 10

What is back pain? Back pain is one among the foremost common reasons people attend the doctor or miss work, and it’s a number one explanation for disability worldwide. It may result from injury, activity and a few medical conditions. Back pain can affect people of all age, for different reasons. Lower back pain could … Read more

Molina Healthcare Phone Number|Molina Healthcare Claim Address

Molina Healthcare Phone numbers and claim addresses

Molina Healthcare is a managed care insurance company and its head office situated in Long Beach, California, USA. Molina Health Insurance company provides health insurance to individuals through government or federal programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Molina healthcare phone number and claim address list is updated from trusted sources and the purpose of this … Read more

BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix Z2A to Z9Z List (2021)

BCBS alpha numeric prefix Z2A to Z9Z

BCBS Alpha numeric Prefix Z2A to Z9Z list is updated from authorized and trusted resources and based on the latest information. BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix BCBS Plan Name Z2A Not Assigned Prefix Z2B Not Assigned Prefix Z2C Not Assigned Prefix Z2D Not Assigned Prefix Z2E Not Assigned Prefix Z2F Not Assigned Prefix Z2G Not Assigned … Read more