8 Best Books on Healthcare & Medical Billing(2022)

best books on healthcare and insurance

The word “health insurance” is normaly used in the United States of America to describe any policy that helps to cover medical expenses, whether its self purchased insurance, a non-insurance social welfare funded by the government.  It is also known as ‘health coverage,’ “healthcare coverage” and  “medical insurance.”  Health insurance is a very important part … Read more

FindACode Review-Best Medical Coding Solution(2022)

findacode medical codes lookup

Are you hurry in some serious medical condition finding medical codes needed for Medicare? No, then you must be an administrator of any company related to medicine trying to medical billing the same type of diagnosis for a different patient! Or, an individual medical coder, coding out patient’s medical procedures, who are going to claim … Read more

3 Best Philips Heart start Defibrillator in 2022

philips heart start defibrillator

Every year around 30,000 individuals fall victim to heart failure outside of a hospital environment. In case of an emergency, defibrillators act as the specialist on call for the scene. Nothing keeps going forever and with the significance of life-saving gadgets, you’ll need the correct parts to keep them working easily. Keeping that in mind … Read more

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

best EHR softwares

What is Electronic Health Record EHR and why it is important? EHR also is known as Electronic health record (EHR) provides faster access to go through the patient records along with more accurate pictures of each individual for patients care. Electronic health record (EHR) can minimize the cost of the paperwork and is, of course, … Read more