List of CPT Codes in Medical Billing (2021)

CPT Codes stands for Current Procedure Terminology Codes and all these codes are used to describe medical services and procedures, tests, surgeries, etc, performed by a health professional or doctor on a patient. The list of CPT codes in medical billing is updated as per the guidance of the American Medical Association.

CPT codes are the most important part of the medical billing process. All these CPT codes describe the insurance payer company what services and procedures performed on patients and also show the exact fee or charges of services.

 The American Medical Association (AMA) is the responsible body to maintains the CPT coding and their fee structure. 

CPT code s are five characters long codes and it may be in form of numeric or alphanumeric.

CPT codes are divided into 3 Categories.

1- Category -1– The first type of CPT codes are in category 1 codes. These are common codes and widely used in medical billing and coding and revenue cycle management.

2-Category II– These codes are supplemental and tracking codes used primarily for performance management.

3- Category III–  These are temporary codes and describe emerging and experimental technologies, services, and procedures.

List of CPT Codes in Medical Billing and Coding

Anesthesia CPT Codes (00100-01999)

CPT Code RangeCPT Description
00100-00222Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Head
00300-00352Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Neck
00400-00474Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Thorax (Chest Wall and Shoulder Girdle)
00500-00580Anesthesia for Intrathoracic Procedure and Services
00600-00670Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Spine and Spinal Cord
00700-00797Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Upper Abdomen
00800-00882Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Lower Abdomen
00902-00952Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Perineum
01112-01173Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Pelvis (Except Hip)
01200-01274Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Upper Leg (Except Knee)
01320-01444Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Knee and Popliteal Area
01462-01522Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Lower Leg (Below Knee)
01610-01680Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Shoulder and Axilla
01710-01782Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Upper Arm and Elbow
01810-01860Anesthesia for Procedure and Services on the Forearm, Wrist, and Hand
01916-01936Anesthesia for Radiological Procedure and Services
01951-01953Anesthesia for Burn Excisions or Debridement Procedure and Services
01958-01969Anesthesia for Obstetric Procedure and Services
01990-01999Anesthesia for Other Procedure and Services

Surgery CPT Codes (10004-69990)

CPT Codes RangeCPT Description
10004-10021General Surgical Procedure and Services
10030-19499Surgical Procedure and Services on the Integumentary System
20100-29999Surgical Procedure and Services on the Musculoskeletal System
30000-32999Surgical Procedure and Services on the Respiratory System
33016-37799Surgical Procedure and Services on the Cardiovascular System
38100-38999Surgical Procedure and Services on the Hemic and Lymphatic Systems
39000-39599Surgical Procedure and Services on the Mediastinum and Diaphragm
40490-49999Surgical Procedure and Services on the Digestive System
50010-53899Surgical Procedure and Services on the Urinary System
54000-55899Surgical Procedure and Services on the Male Genital System
55920-55920Reproductive System Procedure and Services
55970-55980Intersex Surgery
56405-58999Surgical Procedure and Services on the Female Genital System
59000-59899Surgical Procedure and Services for Maternity Care and Delivery
60000-60699Surgical Procedure and Services on the Endocrine System
61000-64999Surgical Procedure and Services on the Nervous System
65091-68899Surgical Procedure and Services on the Eye and Ocular Adnexa
69000-69979Surgical Procedure and Services on the Auditory System
69990-69990Operating Microscope Procedure and Services

Radiology Procedures Codes (70010- 79999)

CPT Codes RangeCPT Description
70010-76499Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging) Procedure and Services
76506-76999Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedure and Services
77001-77022Radiologic Guidance
77046-77067Breast, Mammography
77071-77086Bone/Joint Studies
77261-77799Radiation Oncology Treatment
78012-79999Nuclear Medicine Procedure and Services

Pathology and Lab CPT Codes (0001U- 89398)

CPT Codes RangeCPT Description
0001U-0241UProprietary Laboratory Analyses
80047-80081Organ or Disease Oriented Panels
80143-80377Therapeutic Drug Assays
80305-83992Drug Assay Procedure and Services
80400-80439Evocative/Suppression Testing Procedure and Services
80500-80502Clinical Pathology Consultations
81000-81099Urinalysis Procedure and Services
81105-81479Molecular Pathology Procedure and Services
81410-81471Genomic Sequencing Procedure and Services and Other Molecular Multianalyte Assays
81490-81599Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses
82009-84999Chemistry Procedure and Services
85002-85999Hematology and Coagulation Procedure and Services
86000-86849Immunology Procedure and Services
86850-86999Transfusion Medicine Procedure and Services
87003-87999Microbiology Procedure and Services
88000-88099Anatomic Pathology Procedure and Services
88104-88199Cytopathology Procedure and Services
88230-88299Cytogenetic Studies
88300-88399Surgical Pathology Procedure and Services
88720-88749In Vivo (eg, Transcutaneous) Laboratory Procedure and Services
89049-89240Other Pathology and Laboratory Procedure and Services
89250-89398Reproductive Medicine Procedure and Services

Medicine Services and CPT Codes (90281- 99607)

CPT Code CPT Description
90281-90399Immune Globulins, Serum or Recombinant Products
90460-0031AImmunization Administration for Vaccines/Toxoids
90476-90756Vaccines, Toxoids
90785-90899Psychiatry Services and Procedure and Services
90901-90913Biofeedback Services and Procedure and Services
90935-90999Dialysis Services and Procedure and Services
91010-91299Gastroenterology Procedure and Services
91300-91303COVID-19 Vaccines/Toxoids
92002-92499Ophthalmology Services and Procedure and Services
92502-92700Special Otorhinolaryngologic Services and Procedure and Services
92920-93799Cardiovascular Procedure and Services
93880-93998Non-Invasive Vascular Diagnostic Studies
94002-94799Pulmonary Procedure and Services
95004-95199Allergy and Clinical Immunology Procedure and Services
95249-95251Endocrinology Services
95700-96020Neurology and Neuromuscular Procedure and Services
96040-96040Medical Genetics and Genetic Counseling Services
96105-96146Central Nervous System Assessments/Tests (eg, Neuro-Cognitive, Mental Status, Speech Testing)
96156-96171Health Behavior Assessment and Intervention Procedure and Services
96360-96549Hydration, Therapeutic, Prophylactic, Diagnostic Injections and Infusions, and Chemotherapy and Other Highly Complex Drug or Highly Complex Biologic Agent Administration
96567-96574Photodynamic Therapy Procedure and Services
96900-96999Special Dermatological Procedure and Services
97010-97799Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Evaluations
97151-97158Adaptive Behavior Services
97802-97804Medical Nutrition Therapy Procedure and Services
97810-97814Acupuncture Procedure and Services
98925-98929Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Procedure and Services
98940-98943Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment Procedure and Services
98960-98962Education and Training for Patient Self-Management
98966-98972Non-Face-to-Face Nonphysician Services
99000-99091Special Services, Procedure and Services and Reports
99100-99140Qualifying Circumstances for Anesthesia
99151-99157Moderate (Conscious) Sedation
99170-99199Other Medicine Services and Procedure and Services
99500-99602Home Health Procedure and Services and Services
99605-99607Medication Therapy Management Services

E & M Services Codes (99091- 99499)

CPT CodesCPT Description
99091-99474Non-Face-to-Face Evaluation and Management Services
99202-99215Office or Other Outpatient Services
99217-99226Hospital Observation Services
99221-99239Hospital Inpatient Services
99241-99255Consultation Services
99281-99288Emergency Department Services
99291-99292Critical Care Services
99304-99318Nursing Facility Services
99324-99337Domiciliary, Rest Home (eg, Boarding Home), or Custodial Care Services
99339-99340Domiciliary, Rest Home (eg, Assisted Living Facility), or Home Care Plan Oversight Services
99341-99350Home Services
99354-99417Prolonged Services
99366-99368Case Management Services
99374-99380Care Plan Oversight Services
99381-99429Preventive Medicine Services
99439-99491Care Management Evaluation and Management Services
99450-99458Special Evaluation and Management Services
99460-99463Newborn Care Services
99464-99465Delivery/Birthing Room Attendance and Resuscitation Services
99466-99486Inpatient Neonatal Intensive Care Services and Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Services
99483-99486Cognitive Assessment and Care Plan Services
99484-99484General Behavioral Health Integration Care Management
99492-99494Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management Services
99495-99496Transitional Care Evaluation and Management Services
99497-99498Advance Care Planning Evaluation and Management Services
99499-99499Other Evaluation and Management Services

Category 2 CPT Codes (0001F- 9007F)

CPT CodesCPT Description
0001F-0015FComposite Measures
0500F-0584FPatient Management
1000F-1505FPatient History
2000F-2060FPhysical Examination
3006F-3776FDiagnostic/Screening Processes or Results
4000F-4563FTherapeutic, Preventive or Other Interventions
5005F-5250FFollow-up or Other Outcomes
6005F-6150FPatient Safety
7010F-7025FStructural Measures
9001F-9007FNon-Measure Category II Codes

Category 3 CPT Codes

CPT CodesCPT Description
0042T-0184TVarious Services – Category III Codes
0191T-0232TRemote Real-Time Interactive Video-conferenced Critical Care Services and Other Undefined Category Codes
0234T-0317TAtherectomy (Open or Percutaneous) for Supra-Inguinal Arteries and Other Undefined Category Codes
0329T-0358TImaging, Testing, Implantation and Other Services
0362T-0373TAdaptive Behavior Assessments
0376T-0379TOther Procedure and Services and Assessments
0394T-0423TPacemaker – Leadless and Pocketless System
0424T-0468TPhrenic Nerve Stimulation System Procedure and Services
0469T-0478TImaging, evaluation, programming and recording Procedure and Services
0479T-0480TLaser ablation Procedure and Services
0481T-0481TBlood products transfusion procedure
0483T-0484TCardiac diagnostic imaging and surgical Procedure and Services
0485T-0487TDiagnostic Procedure and Services
0488T-0488TBehavior Analysis
0489T-0493TCellular regeneration, evaluation study and ablation Procedure and Services
0494T-0496TOrgan transplantation Procedure and Services
0497T-0498TCardiac imaging Procedure and Services
0499T-0499TProcedure and Services performed on Urethra
0500T-0500THuman Papillomavirus (HPV) analysis
0501T-0504TCoronary artery disease (CAD) analysis
0505T-0508TOther Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedure and Services
0509T-0514TVision Studies, Implants and Therapies
0515T-0523TCardiac Device Implantation, Analysis and Removal Procedure and Services
0524T-0524TAblation Procedure and Services
0525T-0532TIntracardiac Ischemia Monitoring Procedure and Services
0533T-0536TMovement Disorder Analysis
0537T-0540TCellular Therapy Procedure and Services
0541T-0542TCardiac Muscle Imaging
0543T-0545TCardiac Valve Repair Procedure and Services
0546T-0547TRadiofrequency Spectrometry Assessment and Bone Quality Testing Procedure and Services
0548T-0551TIncontinence Management Procedure and Services
0552T-0553TLaser Therapy and Implant Procedure and Services
0554T-0557TBone Strength And Fracture Risk Assessment
0558T-0558TComputed Tomography Analysis
0559T-0562TAnatomic Model And Guide Creation
0563T-0568TChemo Drug Essay, Implant and Other Procedure and Services
0569T-0580TCardiac Procedure and Services with Evaluation on Valves and ICD System
0581T-0582TAblation Procedure and Services
0583T-0583TProcedure and Services Peformed on Ear
0584T-0586TIslet Cell Transplant Procedure
0587T-0590TNeurostimulation Procedure and Services
0591T-0593THealth And Well-Being Coaching
0594T-0594TLimb Lengthening Procedure
0596T-0597TFemale Voiding Prosthesis Procedure and Services
0598T-0599TWound Imaging for Bacterial Presence
0600T-0601TIrreversible Electroporation Ablation Procedure and Services
0602T-0603TTransdermal GFR Measurement and Monitoring
0604T-0606TEye Imaging Procedure and Services (Remote)
0607T-0608TRemote Monitoring of Pulmonary System
0609T-0612TMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging
0613T-0614TCardiac Implantation and Replacement Procedure and Services
0615T-0618TProcedure and Services performed on Eyes
0619T-0619TProcedure and Services performed on Prostate
0620T-0620TEndovascular Lower Limb Procedure
0621T-0622TTrabeculostomy Procedure by Laser (Ab Interno)
0623T-0626TAutomated Analysis of Coronary Atherosclerotic plaque for CAD
0627T-0630TPercutaneous Lumbar Intravertebral Disc Injection Procedure
0631T-0631THyperspectral Imaging Measurement of Hemoglobin
0632T-0632TTranscatheter Ultrasound Nerve Ablation Procedure
0633T-0638TCT Breast (with/without Contrast)
0639T-0639TCSF Shunt Analysis

The list of CPT codes in medical billing and coding plays a vital role. Applying appropriate codes is the guarantee of lesser denials and maximum amount of payment. CPT codes in medical billing describe services and procedures performed on patients during treatment so medical claim reimbursement depends on these CPT codes.