Empire BCBS Phone Number and Claim Address (2021)

BCBS Insurance ( Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield plans ( BCBS) are perhaps the best known medical insurance programs in the United States. They were started as prepaid medical plans selling contracts to individuals or groups for coverage of specified medical expenses as long as the premiums were paid. Blue cross originally covered only hospital bills, whereas the Blue Shield plans were set up to cover fees for physician services. While working on AR-followup and denials it is a challenge to get correct empire blue cross blue shield phone number and claim address to resolve the claim quickly so we have created one which follows as under.

BCBS Home Plans

A Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan that is the part of the Bluecard program which administers the benefits for services incurred by their member in same Blue cross and Blue Shield plan’s area.

BCBS Host Plan

A Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan is the part of the Blue card program which makes payments for services rendered by a provider in their plan area for a patient coming from another plan for temporary period.

BCBS Federal Employee Program (FEP)

The largest BCBS national account is the plan serving approx five and one half million federal government employees. The FEP cards obtain the phrase words “Govt Wild Service Benefit Plan” written out under the BCBS trademarks. The BCBS Federal Employee Program ID begins with an “R” followed by eight digits. A 3 digit enrollment code is located on the front of the card. The enrollment codes specify which option the govt employee elected when enrolled in the FEP program and should be entered as the group ID number BCBS claims.For example See Below

BCBS Federal Employee Program ID Card Start with “R” (Image Source Google and Independence blue cross)

Deadline For Filing Claims

The deadline is for BCBS claims is 180 days from Date of service(DOS). The deductible will vary according to the BCBS plan, patients enrolled in PPO plan may have no applicable deductibles to certain preventive medicine services.

Empire BCBS Phone Number Directory For Claim Status

Empire BCBS phone number and claim address updated from different authorized resources and try to keep correct and latest updates.

Plan  NameEmpire BCBS Phone Numbers
 BCBS  Alabama800-760-6852
Premera BCBS Alaska800-722-4714 (Select option 2)
BCBS Arizona800-232-2345
BCBS Arkansas800-827-4814
Anthem Blue Cross California800-922-3242 (HMO Plan)
Blue Shield California800-541-6652 (Select Option 6)
Anthem BCBS Colorado877-833-5742
Anthem BCBS Connecticut800-922-3242 (HMO Plan)
BCBS Delaware800-572-2872
Carefirst BCBS Columbia 800-842-5975
FEP Blue Cross Blue ShieldVaries by State
 BCBS Florida800-727-2227 (Select Option 2)
Anthem BCBS  Georgia800-284-2609/800-241-7475
BCBS Hawaii800-790-4672
Blue Cross Idaho866-482-2250
Blue Shield Idaho866-227-0913
 BCBS Illinois800-972-8088
Anthem BCBS Indiana800-282-1016
Wellmark BCBS Iowa800-362-2218
BCBS Kansas800-432-3990
Anthem BCBS Kentucky800-282-1016
BCBS Louisiana800-392-4076 (IVR Option)
Anthem BCBS Maine800-832-6011
Carefirst BCBS Maryland800-248-8410
BCBS Massachusetts800-882-2060
BCBS Michigan800-344-8525 (Professional)
BCBS MichiganClick here for full contact info
BCBS Minnesota800-262-0820
BCBS Mississippi800-257-5825
Anthem BCBS Missouri888-571-9054
 BCBS Missouri Kansas City800-892-6048
BCBS Montana800.447.7828
 BCBS Nebraska800‐635‐0579( IVR) & 800‐642‐8516(Provider Services)
Anthem BCBS Nevada800-332-3842
Anthem BCBS New Hampshire800-332-6558
Horizon BCBS New Jersey800-624-1110
BCBS New Mexico888-349-3706
 BCBS Western New York800-950-0052 (Managed Care Plan)
Blue Shield Northeastern New York800-444-4552
Empire BCBS  New York800-552-6630
 Excellus BCBS New York,800-920-8889
Blue Cross and Blue Shield North Carolina800-214-4844
Blue Cross and Blue Shield North Dakota800-368-2312
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Ohio800-282-1016
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Oklahoma800-496-5774
Regence BlueCross BlueShield  Oregon866-227-0913
Blue Cross Northeastern PennsylvaniaBlueCare HMO –1-800-822-8752
Highmark BlueShield Pennsylvania  Click here for full contact info
Independence Blue Cross Pennsylvania1-800-ASK-BLUE
Puerto Rico Triple-S Salud, Inc.Not Available
BCBS Rhode Island1-800-327-6712 or 1-800-230-9050   (Providers) or 1-800-637-3718, ext. 6067 (Facility)
 BCBS South Carolina800-868-2510
Wellmark BCBS  South Dakota800-774-3892
BCBS Tennessee800-924-7141
BCBS Texas877-299-2377 (HMO Plan)
Regence BCBS  Utah(866) 227-0913
Blue Cross and Blue Shield(888) 222-9206
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Virginia800-533-1120 (Commercial Plan) /800-901-0020 (Medicaid)
Premera Blue Cross Washington877-342-5258 (Select option 2)
Regence BlueShield Washington(866) 227-0913
Highmark BCBS West Virginia (Mountain State BCBS)800-294-9568
Anthem BCBS Wisconsin888-571-9055
BCBS Wyoming800-442-2376

Anthem BCBS Phone Number and Website Links

Insurance/Carrier NamePlan Name of BenefitPhone NumberWebsite Links
Anthem Blue Cross  Medical  866-461-3585  Click Here  
CIGNA Dental  Dental  800-244-6224  Click Here  
Kaiser Permanente  Medical  800-464-4000  Click Here
PacifiCare Dental  Dental  800-228-3384  Click Here  
Exec-U-Care  Executive Benefits 800-522-1213 Ex74471  Click Here
Nevada Pacific Dental  Dental  800-926-0925  Click Here  
EBA&M  Dental  800-249-8440  Click Here 
Mutual of Omaha  Life Insurance  800-826-8054/ 402-351-5794 Not Available  
Vision Service Plan  Vision  800-877-7195  Click Here
The Hartford  Business Travel Accident  800-243-6108  Not Available  
Fidelity Investments  401(k) Profit Sharing Plan  800-835-5097  Click Here  
Santiago Estrada & Associates  Associate Assistance Program  800-852-4961  Click Here

BCBS Utilization Review Phone Numbers

In-State General Provider Inquiry
Participating hospitals –1-800-760-6852
Participating providers- 1-877-231-7239
Non-participating hospitals and providers (Automated VRU with Representative availability)- 205-733-7016
Automated Voice Response(VRU)-205-988-2213
VRU – 1-800-648-9807
Out-of-State General Provider Inquiry Automated VRU- 1-800-517-6425
Federal Employee Program (FEP) R prefix- 1-800-492-8872
NASCO-  1-800-548-0165
General Electric- 1-800-655-5392
Primary Care Network Referrals Automated VRU-1- 205-733-4283/ 888-881-8668
PPO Dentists- 1-800-373-4879
Non-PPO Dentists- 205-985-5378
Out-of-State Dentists-  1-888-783-5113
Home Care Agency Provider Inquiry (not including Hospice and DME)
Participating Home Care Agency: 1-866-904-4130
Non-participating Home Care Agency205-733-7016
Pharmacy Inquiry 
General Provider Inquiry- 1-800-216-9920
Blue Advantage/Part D Provider Inquiry1-877-878-8668
Cahaba GBA (Medicare) Provider Inquiry- 1-877-567-7271
Other BCBSPlans Outside Alabama- 1-800-676-2583
Phoenix-  (602) 864-4400 (800) 232-2345
Tucson- (520) 745-1883 (800) 752-0193
Flagstaff- 928-526-0232/ 800 423-6484
FEP- Phoenix- 602-864-4102/ 800- 345-7562
Provider Service1- 501-378-2307/800-827-4814 (Arkansas policy only)
BlueCard Service 1-800-810-2583 (Prefix AAA + up to 17 additional alpha numeric)
FEP Service  1-800-482-6655 (Policies start with R)
state and school employee policies only XCS followed by 960 and a six-digit number 1-501-378-2364/ 800-482-8416
Health Advantage Service ((HMO policies only) XCH + K and eight numeric digits)1-800-843-1329 
BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas Service 1-888-872-2531 (AAA + A + eight numeric digits + a two-digit suffix)
Integrated Health 1-800-451-7302 (precertification of inpatient admissions only)
Provider Services- 1-877-526-3425
Referrals- 1-888-613-1130
Transplant Oncology- 1-888- 613-1130
Maternity Management Progrm-1-800-769-4896
FEP – Hospital– 1-800-322-7319
FEP – Professionals – 1-800-633-4581
Medical (inside LA County)- 1-888- 285-7801
Medical (outside LA County)-1-800- 407-4627
Healthy Family Program/HMO/EPO- 1-800- 845-3604
MRMIP/Access for Infants & Mothers (AIM)/CalKids-1-877-687-0549
County Medical Services program (CMSP) –1-800-670-6133 (Utilization Mngmnt Prior Authorization)
Medi-Cal (statewide, inside & outside LA County)- 1-888-831-2246
AIM, MRMIP, HFP, CMSP-1-877-273-4193
Fax for all UM Pas-1-800-754-4708
Utilization Management
Fax No- 866-815-0839
Anthem Blue Cross members (Local Plan) –1-800-274-7767
National members (866) 470-6244
CalPERS members (800) 451-6780
Specialty Pharmacy (medical benefit) (866) 580-5293
Fax(866) 408-7195
Professionl1-800-922-3242( Professional)
Hospital1-800-345-2227 (Hospital)
Timings Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
PPO / Century 90 Prefix XGC, XGS, XGB
Professional800-922-3242 (Professional)
Hospital800-345-2227 (Hospital)
Federal Employee Program (FEP)1-80o-438-5356
Timings-Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday-8:00AM – 5:30PM/ Thursday: 9:00AM – 5:30PM
New England Health Plans (NEHP) Prefix CTN, CTP, MEN, MEP, MTN, MTP, NHN, NHP, EHF, EHG, EHH, EHJ(800) 238-2465
Timing- Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Maryland Indemnity – XW Prefix410-581-3581/ 800-437-2332
NCA Indemnity – Prefix XIA, XIJ and XWY,  BlueChoice Prefix – XIC, XIK and XWR,  Blue Preferred Prefix – XIP, XIL and XWV BlueChoice Advantage Prefix– XIH  MHIP1-202-479-6560 /800-842-5975
BlueChoice Prefix – XIC, XIK and XWR1-202-479-6560   / 800-842-5975
BluePreferred Prefix – XIP, XIL and XWV Prefixes1-202-479-6560/ 800-842-5975
BlueChoice Advantage Prefix – XIH1-202-479-6560/800-842-5975
MHIP1-202-479-6560 /800-842-5975
Maryland Point of Service (MPOS) Referral410-998-5741 (Fax for referrals)
State of Maryland – All Products 877-228-7268
Care Management 866-PRE AUTH (773-2884)
Authorization410-781-7661   – Fax for authorization
Case Management1-410-605-2413 / 888-264-8648
Northrop Grumman – NRG Prefix1-877-228-7268 / 800-972-8088
Northrop Grumman Prefix – ESS or NGC1-800-516-1269
All Other NASCO Accounts1-877-228-7268
AVRU NCA Region: Eligibility, Claim and Benefit Inquiry for   CareFirst BlueChoice, BluePreferred and NCA Indemnity202-479-6560 / 800-842-5975
AVRU MD Region: Authorizations, Eligibility and Claim and   Benefit Inquiry for PPO, MPOS, PPN and MD Indemnity410-581-3535/ 800-248-8410
Administrative Services Only 1-866-227-0913
Healthcare Management Administrators- 1-800-700-7153
Regence Group Administrators1- 866-738-3924
TriWest/TRICARE  888-874-9378
American Imaging Mngmnt866-455-8415
IVR800- 972-8088
Provider Inquiry Department Indiana888-800-2160
Provider Inquiry Department Kentucky800-383-2538
Provider Inquiry Department Ohio 800-282-1016
Blue Product Precertification and Referrals-877- 814-4803
BlueCard POS Provider Unit- 800-421-0405
Blue Care Custmr Service- 800-213-4908
Medicaid Customer Service –866-629-1607
Medicaid Eligibility-866-896-6625
Medicaid Prior Authorization-877-804-6564
Medicaid UM –866-896-6580
Medicaid Admission Notification –866-896-6580
Prefix- YGA, YGC, YGF, YGG, YGK, YGM, YGX  800-332-6558( Provider Call Center)
New England Health Plan and Empire HMO Plan
Prefix- CTN, CTP, EHF, EHG, EHH, EHJ, MEN, MEP, MTN, MTP, NHN, NHP 800-238-2465
Professional- 800-922-3242
Hospital- 800-345-2227
Anthem Maine
Prefix- XVA, XVB, XVG, XVH, XVP800-832-6011
Bluecard Service Center877-417-8489
FEP Program800-852-3316
Medicare Advantage Prefix- JQQ, JWI, VZI, XFQ, XGA, XKB, XPI, XTI, XVD, YFE, YGB,   YLI, YRF, YRI, YTL866-364-2374
Medicare Advantage other HMO and PPO plans overall USA
Prefix- JQV#, JWJ#, VXA#, VZJ#, XDG, XDK, XDT, XFU, XFV#, XGD#, XKD#,   XPJ#, XTJ#, XVE#, YFQ#, YGD#, YLO#, YLQ, YLR, YLV, YRA, YRE, YRJ#, YTN#For contact numberNeed to see member Id card
Mediblue HMO, Prefix- XGH866-673-4157
Teft Hartley/Teamsters
Prefix- CCU, ELH, IUP, NEF, NEH, PSH, PTH, SVL, TLH, TSJ, NIW, CWV, IRU,   IUB, EWU888-287-0032
Maryland Indemnity – Prefix XW800-437-2332/410-581-3581
NCA Indemnity  Prefix– XIA, XIJ, XWY  800-842-5975/202-479-6560
BlueChoice-Prefix – XIC, XIK, XWR800-842-5975/202-479-6560
BluePreferred Prefix – XIP, XIL ,XWV 800-842-5975/202-479-6560
BlueChoice Advantage Prefix – XIH800-842-5975/202-479-6560
BlueChoice Prefix – XIC, XIK XWR800-842-5975/202-479-6560 
BluePreferred Prefix – XIP, XIL ,XWV800-842-5975/202-479-6560
BlueChoice Advantage Prefix – XIH800-842-5975/202-479-6560
MHIP800-842-5975/ 202-479-6560
Maryland Point of Service (MPOS) Referral LineFax- 410-998-5741
State of Maryland – All Products877-228-7268
Care Management866- 773-2884- PRE-AUTH
Authorization410-781-7661 – Auth Fax no
Case Management888-264-8648/ 410-605-2413 
Northrop Grumman – Prefix – NRG800-972-8088/ 877-228-7268
Northrop Grumman Prefix– ESS/NGC800-516-1269
AVRU NCA Region- Eligibility, Claim and Benefit Inquiry for   CareFirst BlueChoice, BluePreferred and NCA Indemnity800-842-5975/202-479-6560
AVRU MD Region- Authorizations, Eligibility and Claim and   Benefit Inquiry for PPO, MPOS, PPN and MD Indemnity800-248-8410/ 410-581-3535
BCBS MICHIGANArea Code – 248, 313, 517, 586, 734, 810, 947/989
Area Code – 231, 269, 616( Hosp and facilities both)1-800-643-2583
Area Code 906 (Hosp and Facilities)1-866-872-5837 
Outside Michigan (Hosp and Facilities)1-800-482-0898
Professional provider800-344-8525
BlueChoice PPO877-285-0172
BCN and BCN Advantage Plan800-255-1690
Blue Cross Complete1-800-688-3290
Behavioral health1-800-688-3290/800-482-5982(After business hours)
Provider Service1-800-257-5825
EDI Services1-800-826-4068
Provider Service Coordinator601-664-4258
Utilization Mngmnt1-800-841-9659
Federal Employee Program1-800-932-7724/ 601-932-4252
State & School Employee Health PlanBenefits, Eligibility,Claims Status-1-800-709-0973
State & School Employee Health PlanPre certification by active health-1-866-939-4721
Prefix Start with YFD800-332-3842
Prefix start with YFN877-833-5742
Away from home care(HMO Nevada guest membership)800-827-6422
Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO/Idemnity Plan
Prefix start with YFA, YFS/ YFC800-332-3842
YFK, YFL, YFP, YFT or YFW877-833-5742
Medicare Supplement Plan Id start with YFB800-332-3842
Medicare Supplement Plan Id start with YFG800-928-6201
Anthem Associates and Retirees Prefix start with YFH800-392-6117
Anthem Associates and Retirees Prefix start with ANT and ANB303-861-7799/ 800-433-5447
Anthem Associates and Retirees Prefix start with XFY, WEP,ANJ800-234-0111
FEP Program BCBS Nevada
FEP Eligibility, Benefit and claims(800)-727-4060
FEP Pre-certification and Pri approval(800)- 860- 2156
FEP Case Mangmnt(800)- 711-2225
FEP Utilization Mng(800)-336- 7767
Prefix Start with YHC, YHI, YHJ, YHK, YHS, YHU, JGA, JGD, JGG1-800-624-1110
FEP Program R+ 8-digits member id (includ  behavioral health claims)1-800-624-5078
Prefix start with FMA, FMR, NCH, YHF, YHN, HIF, HSG, HWA, HWW and all other National Accounts1-800-624-4758
Prefix with HSE, NFW, YHD, YHG, YHM, YHP, YHT, YHV, and other Point of Service members1-800-624-1110
Prefix ATT, AT&T members1-800-624-1110
Prefix start with JGE, JGB, JGH, YHO, YHX and  Horizon Direct Access members1-800-624-1110
Prefix YHA  NJ State Health   Benefits Program1-800-624-1110
Prefix NJP  NJ State Health   Benefits Program1-800-624-1110
Prefix YHR and all Medigap1-800-624-1110
Prefix start with DEH, DMM, DTP, NGM, General Motors / Delphi Auto1-800-452-9336
Provider Service1-(716)-884-3461/ 800-950-0051 
Managed care1-(716)-882-2616 / 800-950-0052
Govt Programs1-(877)-327-1395
Provider Service(Mang Care/idemnity)1-(518)-220-5620/800-444-4552
Medical Management 1-(518)-220-4650/800-422-7333
Govt Programs1-(877)-327-1395
EligibilityManaged care Provider Service
HMO, Child health plus, Direct HMO, POS, EPO, PPO, Direct share POS, Empire total blue1-(800)-552-6630
Blue Card PPO Eligibility1-800-676-2583(Blue)
Blue Card PPO Claim Status1-800-713-4173
Direct HMO, HMO ,Child Health Plus MediBlue 1-(800)-441-2411  and Fax # 1-800-241-5308
POS, DirectShare POS1-(800)-845-4741And  Fax #1-800-241-5308
EPO, PPO, Empire Total Blue 1-(800)-982-8089
BlueCare HMO – 1-800-822-8752
BlueCare Traditional (Blue Cross & Blue Shield) – 1-888-827-7117
BlueCare PPO – 1-866-262-5635
BlueCare EPO – 1-888-345-2353
Blue Cross of NEPA Precertification (FPLIC Traditional, Special Care and FEP) – 1-800-638-0505
FPLIC PPO Precertification – 1-866-262-5623 (with all PPO products)
FPLIC EPO Precertification – 1-888-345-2360 (with all EPO products)
ClassicBlue, PPOBlue, EPOBlue, DirectBlue, ShortTermBlue, SpecialCare, PPOPlus866-731-8080
FreedomBlue PPO ( Prefix FER, FEM, HQM, TDM)800-550-8722
Eligibility / Prior Authorization800-924-7141
Blue Advantage Plan800-841-7434
BlueCare (East and West Grand Region)
Provider Service Line 800-468-9698
TennCare Select (Statewide)
Provider Service Line 800-276-1978
Precert 800-711-4104
Blue Choice PPO/POS, Health Select POS and TRS Active Care  800-451-0287
HMO Blue 877-299-2377
Utilization Management – 800-441-9188
Blue Access, Blue Preferred, Blue Traditional(Individual and Group)888-571-9055
Pre-certification 800-242-1527
Blue Access PPO(Anthem Associates) from year 2012 Prefix WUK
Customer Service 800-676-2583
Pre-certification 888-896-8027
Blue Preferred HMO(Anthem Associates) Prior 2012 Prefix VZY
Customer Service 800-234-0111
Pre-certification 800-234-0111
Lumenos Consumer Driven Health Plan-{CDHP}HRA, HSA, HIA, HIA Plus Prefix- VZZ
Customer Service: 800-972-6359
Pre-certification 866-398-1922
Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)(Anthem Associates)  From 2010-Prefix – WLU
Customer Service877-875-1223
Self Funded Groups Administered by Anthem
Anthem ID card (Back of card indicates “Benefits administered by BCBS of Wisconsin”
Pre-certification 866-643-7087
Fax: 866-959-2154
Premera BCBS  Alaska800-722-4714  (Select option 3)
BCBS  Delaware800-572-2872
BCBS  Florida800 955-5692 (select Option 3)
Anthem BCBS  Georgia800-722-6614
Blue Cross  Idaho800-743-1871
Wellmark BCBS Iowa800-552-3993
BCBS Kansas800-782-4437
Anthem BCBS Missouri800-992-5498
BCBS Montana800.447.7828 Ext 6230
BCBS Nebraska Inpatient, SNF-800‐247‐1103  Rehab & Preauth- 800‐255‐2838 
 BCBS  New Mexico800-325-8334
Blue Cross and Blue Shield New Carolina800-672-7897
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Oklahoma800-672-2378
Regence BlueCross BlueShield  Oregon800-351-2370
BCBS Rhode Island1-800-637-3718, Extension- 2273
BCBS South Carolina800-868-2510(Select option 3)
Wellmark BCBS  South Dakota800-642-9273
Regence BCBS Utah800-351-2370
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Vermont800-922-8778
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Virginia800-533-1120
Premera Blue Cross Washington877-342-5258 (Select option 3)
Regence BlueShield Washington800-351-2370
Highmark BCBS West Virginia800-269-6389
BCBS WyomingPre Admission   Review- 800-251-1814,
Case mangmnet- 888-557-2271

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the biggest private insurance companies in United States of America and while working denials and AR-follow up it is very difficult to get the correct Empire BCBS phone number or contact details for information on exact claim status. The main purpose is creating this list is to provide easy and accessible information at one place. We tried our best to keep all information correct and latest updated for Empire BCBS phone number on this list. If any discrepancy found please let us know from the contact us page and we will try to keep it correct.