Place of Service 19|POS 19 in Medical Billing(2021)

POS or Place of Service codes is used during different claims where every code has significance. They are related to the location where the medical services are provided to the patients. Place of service 19 represents Off Campus-Outpatient Hospital location

What is Place of Service 19?

Place of Service 19 is one of the 99 codes in existence to make the billing procedure easier for everyone. Nonetheless, it is one of the unique codes that includes off-campus locations, where doctors of the campus provide services with their unit.

That’s in case, the patient lacks the ability to visit the hospital or needs special care.

The Difference Between POS 19 and POS 22

The Place of Service 19 is often confused with the place of service 22. Even though similar phrases are used to describe them, they are indeed different from each other.

Place of service 22 refers to an on-campus outpatient hospital referring to the unit providing services has its location within 250 yards of the main medical institution.

In POS 19, the location of the department of the unit is more than 250 yards from the centre/ main medical institution.

Why was POS 19 introduced?

The Place of Service 19 was mainly introduced to keep a track of statistics of off-campus outpatient hospitals that provide services to patients.

The fee is the same, even though under this code the provider’s location is outside of the main hospital location.

During the billing process, one has to mention where all the samples and services were provided. Therefore if either sample or service or both have been provided by off-campus location, the POS 19 has to be mentioned during the billing.

What does POS 19 Signify?

These two-digit codes are used to provide a clear understanding of different medical instances of locations easily. Whenever POS 19 is used in a form, it is used for patients who are registered under the main hospital.

However, they receive certain services in the off-campus department; they are called outpatients. They help to keep a clean record of all the out-patients that are being provided with this service.

The Place of Service 19 is one of the many places of service, and it is essential to know the details of every place of service clearly.

It is because these codes are a must to be mentioned during medical billing if one comes across medical services to be plotted off-campus.

Place of Service 19 FAQs

Q1- What is the Place of Service 19 used for?

Ans. Place of Service 19 is a unique code that includes off-campus locations where doctors of the campus provide services in these off-campus locations.
They are off from the main hospital, however, the patient is registered under the main hospital but claims certain services at these off-campus locations.

Q2- Is the Place of Service 19 and 22 the same?

Ans. No. POS 22 refers to an on-campus outpatient hospital, however, POS 19 is used when the medical services are provided in a location off the main campus of the medical institution.
Even though similar descriptions are used for both, they are partially different from each other.

Q3- What happens when we provide the wrong place of service during medical billings?

Ans. The Place of Service codes plays a vital part when it comes to submitting policy claims to insurance companies. So when a provider submits the claims mentioning the wrong place of service, that may lead to denial of claims from the insurance companies.

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