Place of Service 12 Description – POS 12 in Medical Billing (2024)

Place of service or POS is a medical term. There have been various Codes under POS, where the Place of Service 12 is one of them. These codes are created for the claims and billing in a medical setup where medical-related services are provided.

Every code has a unique description. All the places that can render medical services can be included under the place of service. These codes stand for a unique place, similarly, POS 12 description stands for Home.

How does the POS 12 Code Work?

The Place of Service codes is altered and edited every year to include more places. They are medical terms with a two-digit code and is used on SMS or HCFA 1500 claim form to indicate where health services are provided to different individuals.

As the name suggests, they mark the location of the places with medical services to patients that require medical attention.

12 Place of Service, also known as POS12 is a code used during medical billings to foresee that the patient will/is receiving medical assistance and services in their home or what they have registered as their home.

In detail, Place of Service code 12 is applied when a patient receives all the potential services that can be provided in a hospital or healthcare centre in their own private residence. Even though it can be expensive and hard to procure, many people still prefer to do so.

This code is usually used either when the patient is critical and the family members want to spend time with them. It can also be applicable when the patient isn’t that serious and can easily recover at home.

Nurses can be appointed to take care of the patient, even doctors can make regular visits to them. In the home medical setup, the patient is said to recover rather faster as they feel less gloomy having family beside them.

Would you plan an Insurance Claim?

Don’t mention the office visit codes billed with the Place of Service 12. Or else, the insurance will never make a claim, mainly because services performed at home cannot be billed with an office visit E/M code!

The Place of Service codes plays a very vital part when it comes to submitting claims to insurance companies.

Place of Service 12 FAQs

Q1- What is the Place of Service 12 description in Medical Billing?

Ans. Place of Service in medical billing terms refers to the medical services offered to the patients in the comfort of their home for multiple reasons. POS 12 is to be written in medical forms whenever professional claims for services provided in the patient’s home are assessed.

Q2- What Are the Place of Service Codes for Medical Billing?

Ans. Place of service codes is the two-digit codes that are mentioned in the professional claims for providing a setting in which the service was undertaken. Every code has a unique description and is altered to include more places every now and then.

Q3- Which Place of Service is Applicable for Billing Durable Medical Equipment at Home?

Ans. While billing for durable medical equipment at home for rental or purchase, Place of Service 12 is used as indicated in the form during the medical billing process.


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