Place of Service 65 | POS 65 in Medical Billing(2024)

Wondering what the unique code is all about when you go for a medical insurance claim? Well in simple words, each of these unique codes stands for a specific place of service. Place of service 65 (POS 65) used in medical billing when provide end stage renal treatment facility to the patient.

These positions are not just any position but are specifically related to the place where your medical service was provided. This helps the medical insurance company to authenticate and progress your claim better.

When it comes to POS 65, it refers specifically to the “end stage-renal treatment facility“. This one is a more serious genre and hence it is imperative that you remember the code so that the claim cannot be denied at any cost.

What is an end-stage renal treatment facility?

It is quite obvious that if you do not belong to the medical profession, having a grip on these technical terms isn’t that easy. An end-stage renal treatment facility is focused on providing medical treatment to those who have irrevocable renal problems.

Majorly it centers around kidney failure, and hence the treatment provided is much more specialized. It is important for these patients to get constant dialysis so that they can continue to survive.

Stage five chronic kidney disease is what marks as the major one that most patients under this service suffer from.

One thing that is obvious with this treatment is that it does incur a lot of costs. Hence it is not possible for the family to afford it unless there is assistance from the medical insurance company.

You have to remember the place of service 65 code so that all your documents can be easily authenticated. Without this one, it could be actually impossible to retrieve the money because of authenticity issues.

Why do you need to memorize the code for each place of service?

One might think, why do you at all need to memorize the place of service 65 code or any code for that matter. The major reason behind this is that in case of discrepancy your claim would stand null and void.

The cost of medical treatment is a hefty amount and hence one needs to be extra sure under every circumstance. The company can even choose not to pay even one penny.

The place of service 65 is majorly attributed to those places that serve patients with serious renal diseases. It is quite popular in the United States for providing high-quality service to patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Pos 65 include only treatment for renal diseases?

Ans. Yes, this code is specifically designed for services related to renal treatment. Therefore, only if you are suffering from the said disease, will you be covered under the plan.

Q2. Why do you need to memorize the code?

Ans. Remembering the code is important in case you want to apply for medical insurance. The place of service code is unique for each area of service and hence you need to be sure before applying for the claim.

Q3. Are all renal treatments covered under this plan?

Ans. Yes, most of the renal treatments like kidney issues are covered under this plan. However, be sure about the code and services before you claim.


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