Q- If a patient has Medigap BCBS and Medicaid insurances which is his primary insurance and why?

Ans- If a patient has Medigap BCBS and Medicaid both insurances, in that case, Medigap BCBS is primary and Medicaid will be secondary insurance because Medigap BCBS is a Medicare supplement plan and Medigap plan are sold by private companies for assist out of pocket expenses.

Q- I am 63 with no job and no health insurance I live in my sister’s house I have some money in bank Am I eligible for Medicaid?

Ans- Medicaid insurance is provide coverage for low income people or people below poverty line families, children, pregnant ladies and elderly people. In some states Medicaid covers all low income adults below a certain level of income.

Medicaid cover for household’s monthly gross income range from $2504 to $6370 (family of eight person). Adult coverage ranges is from $1800 to $4580 if pregnant woman, and $289 – $741 for parents. It is depending on needs, the elderly and disabled are eligible up to $1145 a month.

Q- Health Plan of San Joaquin denial reason codes

The complete guide and information of San Joaquin Denial reason and claim address available in below given Pdf.