Alcohol Withdrawal ICD 10 (2024)

For those who do not already know, ICD or the International Classification of Diseases 10th revision is a comprehensive guide for all the diseases for which reimbursement can be easily sought. This is a behavioural as well as a neurodevelopmental disorder and the alcohol Withdrawal ICD 10 code is set at F10.230.

It often happens that in the domain of medical billing, there is a lot of ambiguity and to get rid of this confusion the different codes have been created which are of a very unique nature and hence there are very fewer chances of any disturbances.

It is true that for alcohol withdrawal as well, there is a specific score set that tends to represent the domain.

Alcohol Withdrawal ICD 10 Code

Currently, the ICD 10 code for alcohol Withdrawal is set at F10.230. This particular domain tends to incorporate all the symptoms which can be a result of alcohol withdrawal.

In case of any billing which has to be done under the domain of alcohol withdrawal, this particular ICD10 code should be mentioned without fail.

In the case of alcohol-based withdrawal, this code tends to cover all the uncomplicated symptoms which might be exhibited by the patient at the moment.

It is vital to understand in this perspective that alcohol withdrawal is a behavioural as well as a neurodevelopmental disorder. Alcohol is a psychoactive substance and hence this code tends to be quite expansive as well.

The alcohol withdrawal ICD 10 code which is F10.230 has to be mentioned under all circumstances if you want reimbursement under this domain and even supported documents have to be submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the ICD 10 code for alcohol withdrawal?

Ans. Currently, the alcohol withdrawal ICD 10 code is F10.230. It tends to cover all the symptoms which are uncomplicated under this particular domain and in case of any of the symptoms exhibited, the code has to be mentioned for a proper reimbursement without any kind of problems.

Q2. Does The Rehabilitation Therapy Fall Under This Domain?

Ans. No, currently the code tends to cover only the symptoms which are exhibited when there is a case of alcohol withdrawal. Rehabilitation therapy falls as a diagnosis and there is a separate code that is often used to refer to this particular therapy.

Q3. What Does The ICD 10 Code for Alcohol withdrawal fall within?

Ans. Most of you would already know that alcohol is a psychoactive substance and hence tends to affect the neurodevelopmental growth of individuals.
This code also encompasses the mental as well as behavioural symptoms of alcohol withdrawal which is often exhibited by the patients in most cases.

Q4. Does the biller need to mention the code in case of withdrawal alcohol reimbursement?

Ans. Absolutely yes! The ICD 10 code for alcohol withdrawal which is F10.230 has to be mentioned in case the applicant wants a proper reimbursement in this particular domain.

Q5. Do all the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal fall under this particular code?

Ans. The alcohol withdrawal ICD 10 code is F10.230. Currently, after the 10th revision, the symptoms which are referred to as uncomplicated fall under this particular domain.


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