Gram Negative Sepsis ICD-10-CM Code (Updated 2021)

Sepsis is a systemic disease infected by microorganisms or their products in the blood. Bacteria is the presence of viable organisms in the circulation. Gram negative bacteria is the cause of a critically ill patient who suffers from gram negative sepsis.

Gram-negative bacteria are a common complication in severe falciparum malaria, particularly in children, and are a risk factor for death. Mortality from Gram negative sepsis a serious problem and challenges continue to be intimidating.

Gram-negative bacteraemia

A41.50 is an Gram negative sepsis ICD-10-CM dx code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes

  • A41.50  ICD-10-CM dx code is effective from October 1, 2020.(As per update of 2021 edition).
  • This is the USA ICD-10-CM version of A41.50  and other international versions of ICD-10 A41.50 may be different.

Applicable To

  • This code applicable to Gram negative sepsis ICD-10

The following code(s) above A41.50 contain annotation back-references

 that may be applicable to A41.50:

  • A00-B99 

 Certain infectious and parasitic diseases

  • A41 

 Other sepsis

Approximate Synonyms

  • Sepsis without acute organ dysfunction due to gram negative septicemia, final identification pending.
  • Sepsis, gram neg septicemia, organism id pending.
  • Septic shock acute organ dysfunction, gram negative.
  • Septic shock with acute organ dysfunction due to gram negative septicemia
  • Severe sepsis acute organ dysfunction.
  • Severe sepsis with acute organ dysfunction due to gram negative septicemia, final identification pending.

ICD-10-CM A41.50 is grouped within Diagnostic Related Groups (MS-DRG v38.0):

  • 791– Prematurity with major problems.
  • 793- Full-term neonate with major problems.
  • 870 -Septicemia or severe sepsis with mv (migrainous vertigo) >96 hours
  • 871 Septicemia or severe sepsis without mv >96 hours with MCC
  • 872 Septicemia or severe sepsis without mv >96 hours without MCC(major complication or comorbidity)
  • 974 Hiv with major related condition with MCC (major complication or comorbidity)
  • 975 Hiv with major related condition with cc (complication or comorbidity)
  • 976 Hiv with the major related condition without cc/MCC

Convert A41.50 to ICD-9-CM

Diagnosis Index entries containing back-references to A41.50:

  • Colibacillosis A49.8
    • generalized A41.50

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Reference:- ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code 

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