Anatomy and Physiology Prefix and Suffix list (2021)

Anatomy and physiology are two most important subjects of the life sciences. Anatomy explain the external and internal structures of the body and their physical relationship, and in physiology study of the functions of body parts and their structures. Anatomy and Physiology prefix and suffix list contain all terms and their respective descriptions, it will help you to understand the terms used in Medical or in life science language.

Human bodies are divided into two main regions

1- Axial- The axial part consists head, neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis.

2- Appendicular- The appendicular part consists of upper and lower extremities. The upper extremities include the shoulders, forearms, upper arms, hands, wrists, and whereas the lower extremities include the hips, thighs, lower legs, ankles, and feet.

The anatomy and physiology prefix and suffix list based on these axial and appendicular parts. The updated list is as below.

Prefix/SuffixDescription with Example
 awithout or absence of ,Eg: asepsis, avascular tissue
 ab   away from ,Eg: abduction
acro top or end,Eg: acromion process
ad  to or towards ,Eg: adduction, adductor muscle
  aesth feeling ,Eg: anesthesia
algia  pain ,Eg: neuralgia
ambi both ,Eg: ambidexterous
amublwalk ,Eg: ambulatory
 an  without ,Eg: anaerobic respiration
antebefore, in front of ,Eg: antecerebellar
 antiagainst ,Eg: antibacterial, antibiotic, antidepressant
append   to hang something ,Eg: appendicular
ase enzyme ,Eg: amylase, lipase, carboxypeptidase
 aud hear ,Eg: auditory
aug increase ,Eg: augmentation
autoself ,Eg: autoimmune disorder
 bi two ,Eg: bicuspid valve, bipolar disorder, bisexual
blast   budding ,Eg: osteoblasts, blastocyst
brady  slow ,Eg: bradycardia
 bronch   windpipe ,Eg: bronchus
 carcin   cancer ,Eg: carcinoma, carcinogen
 cardi   heart ,Eg: pericardium, cardiac
 carp   wrist ,Eg: carpals
centesis   surgical puncture  ,Eg:amniocentesis, thoracentesis
cephal head ,Eg: cephalic artery
cidal   killing  ,Eg: gemacidal
clast   broken ,Eg: osteoclasts
cleav    to divide ,Eg: cleavage
contra   against ,Eg: contraceptive device, contralateral
corpus body ,Eg: corpus callosum
 cut  skin ,Eg: subcutaneous
cyst   bladder  ,Eg: cystoscopy
cyt cell ,Eg: cytology
cyte  cell ,Eg: osteocyte, leukocyte, erythrocyte
 dendr   tree ,Eg: dendrite
dent tooth ,Eg: dentist, dentition
derm  skin ,Eg: dermis
di   two ,Eg: disaccharide
diastol   dilation ,Eg: diastole, diastolic
disto undo; free from ,Eg: dislocation, disorder
 dors back ,Eg: dorsal
 durhard ,Eg: dura mater
ectooutside ,Eg: ectopic pregnancy
ectomy   excision or surgical removal ,Eg: appendectomy, hysterectomy
 embol stopper ,Eg: embolism
emia   blood condition, something in the blood ,Eg: hypercholesterolemia
 encephal   brain ,Eg: encephalitis, encephalogram
  endowithin ,Eg: endoplasmic reticulum, endoderm
 enter intestines ,Eg: enterococcal infection
epiupon ,Eg: epithelial tissue, epicardium, epidermal
erythr  red ,Eg: erythrocyte
exooutside ,Eg: exocrine gland, exoskeleton
 extra   outside ,Eg: extracellular
 fisssplit ,Eg: fissure
flexbend ,Eg: flexors
fol leaf ,Eg: folate, folic acid
 gangli a swelling ,Eg: ganglion
 gastr stomach ,Eg: gastric gland, gastroscopy
gen   substances that produce or cause ,Eg: carcinogen, antigen
genic   producing or causing ,Eg: carcinogenic
germ to bud or sprout ,Eg: germinal epithelium
gest carry ,Eg: gestational
glia   glue ,Eg: neuroglia
glomer cluster ,Eg: glomerulus
glotlanguage ,Eg: glottis, epiglottis
glycsweet ,Eg: glycogen, glycoprotein
gno know ,Eg: diagnosis
gram   something written ,Eg: echocardiogram
gusttaste gustatory nerve
gynwoman ,Eg: gynecologist
hema  blood ,Eg: hematoma
hepat  liver ,Eg: hepatic duct, hepatitis, hepatocyte
homeo   same ,Eg: homeostasis
humor   fluid ,Eg: humoral, aqueous humor
hydr  water ,Eg: hydrostatic pressure, hydrocephaly
hyper   above ,Eg: hypertonic
hypo  below ,Eg: hypotonic
hyster  uterus ,Eg: hysterectomy
ia   condition of diseased or abnormal state ,Eg: ischemia
imnot ,Eg: imbalance, impotence
infraunder; below ,Eg: infraorbital foramen
inter  between ,Eg: interphase, intercostal muscle
intra  inside ,Eg: intramembranous ossification, intracellular fluid
ism   state of ,Eg: hyperthyroidism
isoequal ,Eg: isotonic, isometric
itis    inflammation ,Eg:  myocarditis
kal  potassium ,Eg: hyperkalemia
lact   milk ,Eg: lactation
latwide ,Eg: latissumus dorsi
leukowhite ,Eg: leukocyte
lig bind ,Eg: ligament
linline ,Eg: linea alba
lip  fat ,Eg: lipids
logy   study of ,Eg: physiology, biology 
macro large ,Eg: macrobiotic, macrocephaly, macrophage
malbad ,Eg: malformation, malady
mandplace in hands ,Eg: mandible
mania   madness or insane desire ,Eg: egomania
mater mother ,Eg: dura mater, pia mater, arachnoid mater
megaly   enlargement ,Eg: acromegaly
melan  black ,Eg: melanin, melanocyte
mening membrane ,Eg: meninges
meso  middle ,Eg: mesoderm
metaafter ,Eg: metacentric chromosome, metacarpals
micro  small ,Eg: microbiology, microvilli
mict  to pass urine ,Eg: micturition
monoone ,Eg: monosaccharide
morb illness ,Eg: morbidity
morph   shape or form ,Eg: polymorhic neutrophils
mort death ,Eg: mortal wound, mortuary science, mortician
multi    many ,Eg: multifactorial, multinucleate cells
mutchange ,Eg: mutation, mutagen
myo  muscle ,Eg: myofibril, myoglobin
necr   death ,Eg: necrotic tissue
neonew ,Eg: neonatal
nephr  kidney ,Eg: nephron
neur   nerve ,Eg: neuron, neurohypophysis
noct   night ,Eg: nocturia
ocul eye ,Eg: ocular nerve
olfact   to smell ,Eg: olfactory bulbs
 oligo few ,Eg: oligodendrites
ologist   one who studies and practices ,Eg: cardiologist, gynecologist
oma   tumor or swelling ,Eg: carcinoma
oo  egg or ovum ,Eg: oocyte
opia   vision ,Eg: myopia 
opsy   to view ,Eg: autopsy
opthalmeye ,Eg: ophthalmologist
orrhea   flow excessive discharge ,Eg: amenorrhea, gonorrhea
ortho correct ,Eg: orthopedics
osis   abnormal increase in production ,Eg: leukocytosis
oss   bone ,Eg: osseous tissue
oste   bone ,Eg: osteoblasts
ostomy   creation of an artificial opening ,Eg: ileostomy 
otomy    cut into or incision ,Eg:  appendectomy
oxia   oxygen ,Eg: anoxia
palp feel or touch ,Eg: palpate
parabeside ,Eg: parathyroid glands
patho  disease ,Eg: pathogen, pathology,pathophysiology
pathy  disease ,Eg: cardiomyopathy
  pector  chest ,Eg: pectoralis major
pedi child ,Eg: pediatrician
pedfoot ,Eg: pedicle
 perisurrounding ,Eg: pericardial, perianal, periaortic
phag  to eat ,Eg:  Phagocytosis, phagocyte
phil love or tendency toward ,Eg: hydrophilic
phleb   vein ,Eg: phlebitis, phlebotomy
phys nature ,Eg: physician
pino to drink ,Eg: Pinocytosis
plasmsubstance ,Eg: cytoplasm
 pleur  rib ,Eg: pleural membrane, pleural fluid
 pneum breath ,Eg: pneumonia
pod   foot ,Eg: podiatrist 
polymany ,Eg: polyunsaturated, polydactyly
postafter ,Eg: posttraumatic stress, postnasal drip
prebefore ,Eg: premature, prenatal
proct  rectum ,Eg: proctological exam, proctologist
pseudo    false ,Eg: pseudostratified epithelium, pseudodementia
psych   mind ,Eg: psychiatrist
pylor   gatekeeper ,Eg: pyloric sphincter
pyr  fever or fire ,Eg: pyrogens
rect straight ,Eg: abdominus rectus
ren  kidney ,Eg: renal failure, renin
retroback or behind ,Eg: retro-virus, retrosternal
rhea flow or gush ,Eg: amenorrhea, galactorrhea
 rupt burst ,Eg: ruptured appendix
sacchar   sugar ,Eg: monosaccharides
sarco  flesh ,Eg: sarcoplasm, sarcolemma
sat enough ,Eg: saturated
scend climb ,Eg: ascend, descend
scler   hard ,Eg: sclera, sclerotic veins, scleroderma
sclerosis   hardening ,Eg: multiple sclerosis
scope   instrument used for visual examination ,Eg: gastroscope
 scopy  visual examination ,Eg: colonoscopy
sect cut ,Eg: dissect, transect, bisect
semihalf ,Eg: semilunar valves, semicircular canal
sepsis   infection ,Eg: urosepsis
sept poison, from rot ,Eg: septic, septicemia
  somat  body ,Eg: somatic cells
spasmsudden involuntary muscle contraction ,Eg: muscle spasm
spir breathe ,Eg: respiration, spirometer
squam  scale ,Eg: squamous epithelium
stasis   standing still ,Eg: homeostasis
strat   layer ,Eg: pseudostratified columnar epithelium
subunder or below ,Eg: subarachnoid space, subclavian artery
 super  over or above ,Eg: superior vena cava
syn   together or joined ,Eg: synthesis, syndrome 
systol  contraction ,Eg:  systole, systolic pressure
tachy  rapid ,Eg: tachycardia
tacttouch ,Eg: tactile
tend stretch ,Eg: tendon
 tetra  four ,Eg: tetracycline, tetraiodothyronine
throm   clot ,Eg: thrombocyte, thrombolitic agent
thyr   thyroid gland ,Eg: thyroidectomy
tomy   cutting ,Eg: anatomy, appendectomy
 tox poison ,Eg: toxicology
 trans  through, across, beyond ,Eg: transfusion, transmission
 trithree ,Eg: triglyceride, triiodothyronine
 unione ,Eg: unipolar neurons
  ventr  belly or stomach ,Eg: ventricle, ventral view
vill   hair ,Eg: villi, microvilli

Note- Eg refers Example

If you wanted to start a career in medical billing and coding or any other medical-related profession understanding the anatomy and physiology terms is compulsory. Anatomy and Physiology prefix and suffix list updated based on the latest information received from authentic sources and web portals. If there is any discrepancy please let us know via the contact us page.

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