CO-29 Denial Code Description -Timely Filing Limit Expired

Medical billing is an industry that is a bit different however extremely well structured. This is the primary reason why every instance is covered and there is a code allocated to each. In this article we will discuss on co-29 denial code description, it means the Timely filing limit has expired to file a claim to an insurance company.

Whenever we are talking about billing it is particularly important to remember two genres- the PR code and the CO-code. The CO-code stands for the contractual obligation.

This amount is generally what you are required to adjust off and the obligation is based on contracts. The particular CO 29 Denial Code falls under this category and it is very required that one has a basic understanding of the parameters.

CO-29 Denial Code Description

In the most simple terms, the CO 29 Denial Code stands to deny a claim when it has been made after the expiry time limit. We have already discussed in great detail what the CO-codes are and how each instance is segregated under a different code name.

Hence no matter what your issue is, be assured that there is a unique code affixed for all of them. No matter what your insurance claim is, there is a certain time limit affixed for each and you have to make the claim within that time frame.

Whenever your claim gets denied under the code of CO 29 Denial Code it would automatically mean that you did not abide by the time norms.

Once you have received the denial with this particular code, it is best that you check on some of the basic factors. Firstly, do check when the company received the initial claim and the time frame that was stipulated for the particular claim.

If you see that the time frame is fitting the limit given, you can easily choose to send the claim back to the insurance company. However, do remember to affix the necessary documents for the same which can testify as proof to the claim.

In case you have crossed the stipulated time frame, it is imperative that you have a one-on-one word with the officials and check if something can be managed.

What is timely filing limit in insurance claims?

Timely filing limit in insurance claims refers to the specific timeframe within which a healthcare provider must submit a claim to an insurance company to reimburse services provided to a patient. The insurance company sets this time limit, which is essential for processing claims. If a provider fails to submit a claim within the pre-decided timely filing limit, the insurance company may deny the claim, and the provider may lose the opportunity for reimbursement.

Timely filing limits vary among insurance companies and can also depend on the type of insurance plan. Commonly, providers must submit claims within a certain number of days (e.g., 90 days) from the date of service or discharge for inpatient services. Healthcare providers need to be aware of and adhere to these deadlines to ensure the timely processing of claims and avoid potential financial losses.

How important is the code for medical billing?

Every day there are numerous claims which are submitted under the various cases. Hence it is very necessary to set certain ground rules, or else there will be too many hassles involved.

These codes help maintain the balance and in case of any discrepancy simply the codes need to be affixed. There is a unique code for each sector and that helps in a clearer organization.

This helps both the biller as well the claimant to have a better understanding and in case of any problem, approach the same with the best applicable solutions.

The CO 29 Denial Code is crucial to abide by as it mentions there is some problem with the time frame. In case you see that there are enough proofs that go against this statement, you can easily reclaim with the affixed proofs.

However, if you have really crossed the time limit, there is generally very little that one can choose to do.

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How to handle timely filing denial code CO 29?

If you received a claim which is denied as co-29 means the insurance company denied that claim as not filed timely to insurance.

Every insurance company has a TFL- Timely Filing Limit and it varies from insurance to insurance. We have created a list of Major insurance companies Timely Filing Limit (TFL) List as per American Hospital Association and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) so can check it here.

Follow these mention below steps to handle denial of TFL or CO-29

When received a co-29 denial code on the claim so

1- Check your insurance Timely filing limit and check your system that you sent the claim on time or not.

2- If did not submit the claim on time, in that case, follow the guidelines of the client as per specification because some wanted to w/o the claim as per real timely filing denial and some needs follow-up.

3- If the claim was submitted on time so (A) Call to the insurance company and request them that you have submitted it on time and it is not a correct denial and request for reprocessing the claim.

4- If they do not send a claim to reprocess on call then take their mailing address with fax number and send appeal with timely proof (as proof can use software submission pdf copy etc.) with denied EOB.

5- Some clients have specific guidelines to handle the specific denial so keep updating yourself from SOP as well for do not to take the wrong action.

6- Please send an appeal at least one month before time to end timely filing because an appeal takes time to reach the insurance office claim department and it is a lengthy process.

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