CPT Code 76942 Description (2024)

The medical billing system of The United States of America is very well developed and one of the primary reasons why it is so organized is because of the Unique coding system that they have introduced.CPT code 76942 is used in Ultrasonic guidance for needle placement (e.g., biopsy, aspiration, injection, etc), imaging supervision and interpretation

One such very important pillar under the coding system is the CPT code which stands for current procedural terminology. For those who want to know what this code is all about, they must remember that it is what you need and the code tends to differ from one situation to the other.

What Does The CPT 76942 Stand For?

The CPT 76942 is a unit and it stands only for a certain kind of situation which has to be authentic in nature for the billing to be valid. In this case, one needs to mention that the particular CPT 76942 refers to the ultrasonic guidance which is often required for needle placement in processes like biopsy or even injection.

All the injections that are biopsy-related or even joint injections will fall under the code of 76942 only. In case of any injection used under the domains, you have to keep this code in mind and use the same correctly.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which are the CPT codes that can be built along with 76942?

Ans. The seven six nine four two CPT codes stand for the ultrasonic guidance which is required during times of injection which are either during biopsy or even due to aspiration. It is usually the primary injection code which is built alongside the 76942 CPT code.

Q2. How many times can one choose to bill the CPT 76942 code?

Ans. One needs to remember in this case that there are certain restrictions that you need to keep in mind when it comes to the CPT billing. In the case of CPT 76942, the code can be used only once per CMS.

Q3. Is the CPT 76942 Important?

Ans. Each of the quotes which fall under the range of CPT is very important and they are mostly detailed in nature which helps in accurate billing as well. The CPT 76942 code is indeed vital and unique at the same time.

Q4. Can The CPT 76942 Be Missed?

Ans. If you tend to miss the CPT code 76942 while billing it is not possible to edit again and your billing will not be valid for that matter.

Q5. Is the Usage of The CPT Code 76942 Widespread?

Ans. Yes, the use of the CPT code 76942 is quite wise spread All around The United States of America.


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