ICD 10 Code for Radiculopathy (2024)

Radiculopathy is a disease that not many individuals are aware of, however, it is a very widespread problem and quite a few people get infected with the same. Radiculopathy is known to be a very complex disease and it tends to affect the root of the nerve. ICD Code for Radiculopathy is M54.1, which we will discuss in detail in the further article.

It is usually hard to find out however some of the most common symptoms, in this case, are pain or an unexplained numbness in your feet. Sometimes it does happen that the patients who have Radiculopathy also complain of back and neck pain which does not have any implications.

These particular diseases can be treated without surgery as well however the long-term implications are better managed with prolonged care. It is hence very important to know the ICD 10 code for lumbar Radiculopathy for easy reference, just in case you need it!

Coding for Lumbar Radiculopathy

Lumbar Radiculopathy is a specific type of Radiculopathy that tends to affect the sciatic nerve. One of the major reasons why it happens is because the herniatic disc pushes against the nerve causing pain in some cases.

Lumbar Radiculopathy is one disease that finds itself in the ICD 10 Code. However one has to remember that irrespective of what the disease is, the code has to be mentioned very carefully so that there are no problems with the billing system.

For this particular branch of Radiculopathy, the coding is M54.16. Whenever you mention this code for your billing and reimbursement purposes, the documents related to your lumbar  Radiculopathy have to be presented.

It is a billable code, and remember that this particular ICD 10 code for lumbar Radiculopathy is not applicable to any other forms of Radiculopathy.

ICD 10 Code for Radiculopathy

Now that we have learned the specific code for lumbar Radiculopathy, it is also important to learn the code for Radiculopathy itself so that you can easily use it for all your billing related requirements.

The code for Radiculopathy is M54.1 and all other codes for the types of Radiculopathy will fall under this domain. Always remember that when you bill for reimbursement-related requirements, and if it is related to Radiculopathy, you have to mention the code M54.1, otherwise the bill could be disapproved or can even come back for correction, thus requiring more time.

What Does Diagnosis Code M54.9 Mean?

The diagnosis code M54.9 stands for Dorsalgia unspecified. This code is usually mentioned in your billing to specify the diseases which are related to your back or spine. This includes all the major portions like even your lower back and spine.

Unlike the ICD 10 code for lumbar Radiculopathy which is M54.16 and more specific in nature, this code stands for all the factors which are affecting your dorsal region at the moment.

List of Radiculopathy ICD codes:

 M54.00 Site unspecified
 M54.01Occipito-atlanto-axial region
 M54.02Cervical region
 M54.03 Cervicothoracic region
 M54.04Thoracic region
 M54.05 Thoracolumbar region
 M54.06 Lumbar region
 M54.07 Lumbosacral region
 M54.08Sacral and sacrococcygeal region
 M54.09 Panniculitis affecting regions, neck and back, multiple sites in spine
 M54.1 Radiculopathy
 M54.10 Site unspecified
 M54.11Occipito-atlanto-axial region
 M54.12Cervical region
 M54.13Cervicothoracic region
 M54.14 Thoracic region
 M54.15 Thoracolumbar region
 M54.16Lumbar region
 M54.17Lumbosacral region
 M54.18 Sacral and sacrococcygeal region
Radiculopathy ICD 10 Codes List

However, it is also crucial to remember in this case that this code will not cover your lordosis or even scoliosis which are more specific types of problems. For these factors, there are different types of ICD codes that need to be mentioned while billing.

Radiculopathy is one of the most common types of problems and irrespective of age or gender, it seems to affect quite a chunk of the population. If you have been diagnosed with the same recently and want to get it reimbursed then having a good idea of the ICD codes is necessary. This can easily get the amount reimbursed at the earliest for your requirements.

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