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With the increase in the coronavirus outbreak along with other diseases getting spread there is an urgent need to increase medical assistant jobs. It’s obvious, as the medical industry is working 24/7.

Employment in the medical industry has also increased rapidly with more hands being required to cure the rapid spread of diseases. Therefore there are indeed plenty of vacancies for medical assistant jobs for people in the US.

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A medical assistant’s job is a mixture of office work as well as medical work. Their job includes answering calls, taking appointments, paperwork to prepare lab tests, administration injection, blood tests, and whatnot!

Certified Medical Assistant- the responsibilities!

A certified medical assistant job can also include a lot of specific tasks like vision tests depending on their specialization. Nonetheless, medical assistance has a crucial role to play.

They are the people you will come across first whenever you enter any medical facility. The steady yet high growth in the demand for medical assistance makes it easier for people searching for the same job profile.

Remember, this profession requires less qualification but pays quite well. Thus, the demand is high when it comes to getting the certification done!

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Find out how you can try to find the best Medical Assistant Jobs in the USA

Are you living in the USA and searching for medical assistant jobs? Don’t panic! Calm down as we are going to discuss some of the most proven solutions here. Try any of these ways to find your desired profile at the earliest.

1.  Take an extra course

As medical assistance is considered to be all in one, it is always a great idea to brush up on all your abilities starting from normal paperwork to learning about various medical items and terms.

It is prevalent that you have more and more knowledge about the medical industry. This will provide you with an obvious upper hand.

There are many specific medical assistant courses in and around the country. These courses can stretch between 6 months and 2 years of training.

Nonetheless, it improves your horizons of finding the best medical assistant jobs.

2.  Spread the word

Whenever one is looking for a job is it important that you make everyone around you aware that you are in search of a job. You never know where a life-changing connection can come up.

Therefore talk it up in and around yourself, talk about your qualifications and willingness. Start looking for jobs in ads that are classified in magazines and newspapers along with daily online searches.

It is vital that you attend meetings and seminars about medical topics in and around you. Attend these business meetings as many times there are job vacancies brought up. Check if they include vacancies for medical assistant jobs.

Whatever it is, keep yourself at your heel, and presentable whenever it’s time to show up.

3.  Look beyond traditional ways

There are many ways to get a job. However, as time passes by, the conventional ways of getting hired to become less convenient. Many prefer fast processes that include less time on both sides.

Start looking out for multiple ways to get in, as medical assistants are usually versatile. Therefore, don’t be restricted by the term. If you see a vacancy as a receptionist in a medical institute then don’t hesitate to apply as it indeed is similar.

In short, never restrict yourself.

4.  Apply in multiple vacancies

The USA doesn’t have a lot of workforces, so there will be a lot of vacancies for any domain. But make sure to take advantage of that.

Applying to multiple medical institutes is not hard, you can always attend interviews based on your potential work pressure. The best part here is, you can choose whichever would fit you best if you get multiple jobs.

It is always better to have more options in hand rather than having none at all.

5.  Prepare well for interviews

Any job interview is important, similarly one has to be confident during their interview for a job as a medical assistant. To grab the best medical assistant jobs you need to create pointers before appearing for the same.

Starting from making sure that all your credentials and certificates are up at the mark. Followed by preparing for the relevant interviews, by paying attention to body posture along with working on confidence.

The interviewers often prefer shorter and crisper interviews. Therefore make sure to give to-the-point answers. Answer along with asking questions back to them if you want to.

Try to know about their job and what your potential job might require you to do. Make it clear that you have certain expertise and are willing to work on your weaknesses.

This way the interviewers know that you are really interested in the job.

6.  Keep low expectations

If this is your first time looking for a job as a medical assistant in the USA, then keep a realistic expectation. Be it about work experience or the salary, you need to be aware that there are people who have more experience than you.

Therefore, work towards gaining more experience even if the medical assistant job isn’t that of your dreams. More importantly, you also need to be ready to make certain adjustments.

Such as, driving to work if your workplace is farther than what you want it to be along with taking shifts at times that you might not be the most comfortable with. It will increase your efficiency as well as experience to achieve your best.

7.  Sign up on potential programs online as well as offline

There are many sites online that provide jobs in the medical assistant field to seekers and provide a variety of options. They also arrange interviews, notify the candidates about vacancies, and more.

There are certain offline programs as well like the on-campus hiring where recruiters come with vacancies and hire people who are a part of the program.

If you want the best medical assistant jobs then try keeping yourself updated on these programs that occur in and around you. Sign up for such programs and attend as many as you can, it increases the chances of getting hired by the best. 

The best colleges in the USA to teach medical assistant courses also organize similar programs. Therefore, if you can manage to go into any of those it will certainly work for your benefit.

It’s because only the best out of the rest come to these colleges to recruit students from one place.

8.  Be honest

Lastly, see how loyal you are whenever it comes to getting hired. Getting hired through a lie will create more trouble. Don’t fall into such unethical activities as it will only bring harm to your career, and nothing else!

So be honest about your qualifications, experience, strengths, and weaknesses. Especially in the medical industry where your lack of knowledge can create heavy accidents.

Therefore, be honest and your honesty will surely be appreciated by the world.

7 Best Medical Assistant Job Search Online portals:

  1. Resume Robin
  2. Toptal
  3. Appjobs
  4. Fiverr
  5. Jobsoid
  6. Crowdspring
  7. Uxjobsboard


Under the medical employment and industry, a medical assistant job can be considered the ace of all as they can perform multiple tasks with very stable pay. A certified medical assistant jobs salary can make $40,000 to $45,000 annually, as per the current market standards.

Moreover, it has increased quite significantly and medical assistants in the country are paid well. To acquire medical assistant jobs you don’t need to have a high degree.

The job profile of a medical assistant has become quite popular, even after the long duty hours and hectic schedule it offers. Many prefer pursuing this job for the perks it offers.

Any high school graduate can apply for medical assistant jobs provided they have taken at least 1 year of necessary medical-specific courses. This ensures that they at least have the basic medical knowledge to work around a medical institute.

Nonetheless, being a medical assistant is a noble profession as you indirectly contribute to saving someone or cure someone. So, if you are already interested in being a medical assistant, then don’t allow a second thought to come your way.

Go ahead and find the best medical assistant job and a wonderful career for you in the USA! 

5 Common FAQs of Medical Assistant Jobs in the USA.

Q1. How do I become a medical assistant in the USA?

Ans: There are basically 3 doors to get into a job as a medical assistant. One by cracking formal training programs altogether with work experience. Second by the same training program without work experience, and lastly through an online course of CMA, Certified Medical Assistant.

Q2: How much does a medical assistant get paid?

Ans: Medical assistant jobs being a very high-demand job leads to a stable career and also a high pay scale. Medical assistants earn an average annual salary of $40,000 per year which is around $18 hourly. This may vary from $35,000 to $45,000 each year based on work experience and skills.

Q3: Is being a medical Assistant a fun job?

Ans: This field of medical assistant comes with a wide range of stress, almost 8 hours a day shift, as well as hardship to maintain family and work life. But it also offers a challenging yet exciting work environment that helps one to grow individually as well as ethically at work.

Q4: What comes next after Medical assistant?

Ans: With promising professional healthcare experience a medical assistant can expand their career by completing their bachelor’s in nursing.  Can even opt for The Certified Medical Assistant offered through the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Q5: Is becoming a Medical assistant worth it?

Ans: As an individual becomes a qualified medical assistant, they shall enjoy the same privileges that are enjoyed by those who complete other prestigious certificate programs. Further, this profession is expected to grow at a very high pace of around 30% in the next five years.

Thus, a medical assistant job serves as a great option to invest time and skill.

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