Best Accredited Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Florida(2024)

Traversing the Foundation of the best Accredited medical billing and Coding Schools in Florida

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If you are also the one who is befuddled about the similarity/parity of ‘Medical billing’ and ‘Medical coding’, then lemme shed light on the veracity which says that medical billing and medical coding are two different fields with some stark differences.

Please don’t take it lightly, rather make a little effort to read forward so that you can set yourself aside as someone who has broadening and insightful knowledge.

The article is assuredly going to be a useful one.

Brief on

‘What is Medical Billing?’

Medical billing is the processing of patients’ medical claims and capitulating it to the respective insurance companies and government agencies for services furnished to the patient.

Medical billers transform medical documentations into meaningful codes and buckle down on providing unerring and timely reimbursement based on the codes thus used.

What is Medical Coding?

Seems to be overlapping with medical billing but medical coding accentuates more indicatively on patients’ medical records.

Medical coders also translate the medical documentations into grading codes and communicate with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to categorize the services a patient has received.

They leave the money-related particulars to the medical billers.

The further context will unroll some of the best accredited medical billing and coding schools in Florida and other regions- exclusively for you to fly high.

Complete Information: What is Medical Billing and Coding?

Boons of Medical Billing:

Hard to get sorted with when the question strikes the mind.

‘Why should I take on medical billing and what are the reaping awards?’

Here’s the response,

  • Medical billing helps in faster claim tasking and processing which in turn results in healthier cash flow.
  • Revenue build-up mechanism for the respective premise.
  • Greatly alleviates billing errors.
  • The overhead cost can be reduced by being able to hire fewer employees.
  • Ameliorates patients’ satisfaction.
  • Florida medical billing system and other notable medical billers possess the ability to avoid negotiations with payers and insurance companies.

Boons of Medical Coding:

‘Why should I take on medical coding and what are the reaping benefits?’

  • Medical coding is inexpensive and is in demand.
  • The work is flexible in type, and you can choose it according to your schedule once you become an expert.
  • It reduces the costly back billing system.
  • Easy get going and fewer denials in different settings.
  • You can pinpoint medical errors with more than 98% accuracy that saves millions of lives.
  • You are also able to generate customer-specific reports with handsome payable packages.

Heading towards-

How do I become a medical biller and coder?

Let’s sort out the answer meticulously and one by one.

How do I become a medical biller?

Note: Dearest readers, let me inform you that you don’t need to certify yourself for being a medical biller.

But, it’s always a fair idea to consider getting certification as these programs not only give you the necessary education to be a medical biller, but they also offer courses to make you a more scrupulous and constructive medical biller ahead in your life.

If you are the one determined in taking medical billing or medical coding as the utmost career, then some of the best accredited medical billing and coding schools in Florida are mentioned below.

Some eminent organizations that designated to medical billing-

  • The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • The American Medical Billing Association (AMBA)
  • The American Academy of Professional Coders

Bit by bit guide to becoming a certified medical biller-

  • Research work-the primary step for any course admission.
  • Take an insightful look at technical colleges and universities that proffer 2-4 years programs to be a certified medical biller.

Meet and greet with an admission professional to verify and see if the medical billing course ends with certification through one of the accredited organizations.

  • Medical billing course eligibility

At least, you need a high school diploma or GED(General Educational Development) tests to be a medical biller.

Now decide on the type of medical billing to simply create medical bills. You can enroll in online courses such as AHIMA and AAPC.

But for hospital settings or doctor’s offices, you will need more education.

Then enrol in the aptly course from certified organizations mentioned above.

  • You gotta provide some necessary information…like your personal information, educational and professional background, and anything else that may be relevant to your criterion to be a medical biller.
  • Subjects included in medical billing

1.Anatomy and physiology

2.The science of stress and management

3.Fundamentals of clinical trials

4.Behavioral medicine

5.Healthcare Information technology foundations

6.Quantitative methods in clinical and public health research

7.Innovating in health care

8.The human body as a machine

9.Principles of human disease.

10.Introduction to global health

11.Positive behavioural support for young minds

12.Regenerative medicine etc.

The subjects may vary accordingly in the best accredited medical billing and coding schools in Florida.

  • Regular coursework and participating in webinars are of immense help in order to take the certification exam successfully.
  • Some programs require practical experience as a part of the education program to boost practical experience and thus opening the door to future employment.
  • On completion of your education submit an application for the certification exam…take the certification exam, obtain the required percentage and you are all set to step forward.
  • How long is the medical billing course

Almost all medical billing programs include about 40 to 80 hours of coursework that’ about 3-6 weeks in a go.

Cheerfully, some programs permit you to go through coursework at your own convenience…which means that you could crack through the program in just one week or as long as six months.


  • The associate degree you may take 1-2 years
  • a bachelor’s degree you typically require 4 years.

It means you have to spend anywhere from 1 week-4 year preparing to become a medical biller.

You can choose the pace at which you wanna fulfil your dream.

How do I become a medical coder?

Wanna be a Certified professional medical coder(CPC)?…..then you can opt for any one of the three main specializations presently in use.

  • ICD-10-CM
  • Current Procedural Terminology(CPT).
  • Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System(HCPCS) level ll.

Bit by bit guide to becoming a certified medical coder-

Certified Medical Coders are fabulous communicators between medical personnel(doctors, nurses etc) and medical amenities.

But before you register yourself for the certified professional medical coder examination, you need to prop up with lots of technical and transferable expertise.

The fundamental medical coding skills are appended below,

Some valuable unprecedented technical skills:

  • ICD-9
  • ICD-10
  • HCPCS coding
  • CPT coding
  • Inpatient coding
  • Outpatient coding
  • Customer billing
  • Health Information Technology(HIT)
  • Clinical documentation
  • Anatomy(some specific parts)

Some valuable unprecedented transferable skills:

  • Excellent communicator
  • An insight into updated research
  • A gentle handler of computer(expertise in Microsoft office)
  • Organized and smooth associate
  • Time management
  • Team management
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Decision-making skill
  • Focused & diligent

Important: Ethics is one of the highly considerable qualities of a medical coder who can safeguard the confidentiality of the organization and patients.

The best accredited medical billing and coding schools in Florida guide you through in detail.

  • Medical coding course eligibility

1.You have to make sure that you are not in proximity to any drug or sex-related offence.

2.Try and gather all the necessary documents and complete the enrollment process(like taking membership from AAPC, depositing exam fees etc.)

3.It is preferable that the Applicant of Certified professional medical coder examinee should have at least an Associate’s degree from a reputable university(not mandatory though).

Note- In case you do not have any apprehension in the medical coding field and are still determined to take the exam, then you will be granted the CPC-A(Certified Professional Coder-Apprentice) certification.

  • Subjects included in the medical coding

1.Surgical procedures




5.Evaluation and Management

6.Pathology and Laboratory


8.Medical Terminology and other coding procedures.

  • A candidate must acquire at least 70% to become a Certified professional medical coder.
  • An internship is the most important step you take after the completion of your course…so that you get the best practical exposure.
  • How long is the medical coding course?

The duration of medical coding depends on the type, of course, you opt for whether

  • Online or offline.
  • Physician-based coding or facility-based coding.

1.Online certification programs can be mastered in 4 months.(AAPC)

2.Online certification programs from AHIMA can be completed in 15 months.

3.A full-grown professional medical coder takes around 2 years to excel.

4.Non-affiliated courses can be wrapped up in 3-12 months duration.

For further progression in this respective field, an individual can opt for the following courses,

From AAPC,

  • Certified Outpatient Coder(COC)
  • Certified Inpatient Coder(CIC)
  • Certified Professional Coder-Payer(CPC-P)
  • Certified Risk Adjustment Coder(CRC)


  • Certified Coding Associate(CCA)
  • Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based(CCS-P)

Scholarships for medical billing and coding

Students who are interested in applying for medical billing and coding can get their financial assistance from

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Scholarships

The following scholarships are available to fund you sufficiently.

  • American Health Information Management Association Merit Scholarships

Amount: $1,000 to $2,500

  • Georgia Health Information Management Association Scholarships

Amount: Unknown

  • Mary M.Zannis Scholarships

Amount: $1000

  • Association of Schools of Allied Health

Profession Scholarships of Excellence

Amount: $1000

  • Houston Area Health Information Management Association Scholarship

Amount: unknown

  • Sarah Bush Lincoln Volunteer Guild Scholarship

Amount: Changeable/year

  • New Jersey Health Information Management Association Kathleen A.Frawley Scholarship

Amount: $1000

  • Richard P.Covert, PhD, LFHIMSS scholarship for Management scholarships 

Amount: $5000

  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Foundation scholarship

Amount: $5000

  • HIMSS Steve Lieber Innovator Scholarship

Amount: $5000

  • Virginia chapter of HIMSS scholarship

South Florida Chapter of HIMSS scholarship

Amount: $5000

  • NYHIMA Returning Student Scholarship

Amount: $1000

Medical coding schools in Florida

To name a few, the best accredited medical billing and coding schools in Florida include the following:

  • American college for medical careers
  • Ata career education
  • Brown Mackie college
  • City college-Altamonte springs
  • City College-Fort Lauderdale
  • City college-Hollywood
  • City college-Gainesville
  • College of business and technology-Cutler bay
  • College of business and technology-Flagler
  • College of business and technology-Kendall
  • College of business and technology-Miami Gardens
  • Concorde career institute-Miramar
  • Daytona college
  • Everest university-Lakeland
  • Everest university-Brandon  
Medical Billing and Coding Classes and Certification
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Medical billing and coding schools in Tampa Florida

To name a few, the best medical coding and billing schools of Florida include the following:

  • Altierus Career College -Tampa
  • Ultimate Medical Academy (Online)
  • Concorde Career Institute -Tampa
  • Hillsborough Technical College
  • Institute of Medical and Business Careers
  • Erwin Technical College
  • Aguilas International Technical Institute
  • DRH Medical Billing and Coding
  • Everest University -Tampa
  • Quest National Services
  • HCC Ybor Campus Training Center
  • New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Tampa Bay
  • ComforceHealth
  • Arizona College of Nursing -Tampa
  • Accurate Billing and Coding Inc
  • Southern Technical College Tampa
  • USF’s Corporate Training and Professional Education
  • Keiser University Tampa
  • Herzing University -Tampa

Medical billing and coding schools in Jacksonville Florida

To name a few, the best medical coding and billing schools of  Jacksonville Florida includes the following:

  • LLC
  • Cohens Coding & Consulting, LLC
  • Florida Coast Career Tech
  • Advanced Career Training Sch
  • Medical Claims Resources Inc
  • Gottlieb
  • Concorde Career Institute – Jacksonville
  • Camsen Career Institute
  • Sanford-Brown College Jacksonville
  • Keiser University
  • Florida Career College – Jacksonville
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville – Downtown Campus

Medical billing and coding certification in Florida is accredited by AAPC that offers,

  • Varieties of certifications
  • medical code books
  • exam materials, guides, additional brochures and preparation materials
  • local chapters to review
  • distance learning classes(online mode)
  • and other resources

Medical billing and coding salary in Florida

Medical billers and coders enjoy lump sum amount based on the type of

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Certification

They enjoy an average salary of $54,231(approx).

It varies from setting to setting.

The following AAPC credentials help you earn the highest salary($75,778, approx) in the state:

  • CDEO
  • CEMC
  • CIC
  • COC
  • CPC
  • CPCO
  • CPC-I
  • CPMA
  • CPPM
  • CRC

To summarise with…

Florida encompasses a strong medical billing and coding market with a healthy network of industry professionals with appropriate salaries and privileges.

This is the reason that you can easily access some prestigious and best accredited medical billing and coding schools in Florida.

You have to start to be somewhere…

Best wishes!

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