BCBS Alpha Prefix List MAA -MZZ(2022)

bcbs maa to mzz

BCBS alpha prefix list MAA-MZZ. There are total of 631alpha prefix in BCBS MAA-MZZ list and 134 are Not Assigned prefxes out of 631. BCBS Prefix BCBS Plan Name MAA Premera Blue Cross MAB BCBS  Florida MAC BCBS  Minnesota MAD Not Assigned Prefix MAE Anthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY) MAF Carefirst BCBS  Maryland MAG … Read more

BCBS Prefix List LAA-LZZ(2022)

bcbs prefix list laa to lzz

BCBS prefix LAA-LZZ list is latest updated list on the basis information received from autherized online portals of Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance company. BCBS Prefix BCBS Plan Name LAA BCBS  Illinois LAB BCBS  Michigan LAC Anthem LAD Not Assigned Prefix LAE BCBS  Georgia LAF Anthem BCBS  Virginia LAG BCBS  South Carolina LAH Anthem Blue … Read more

BCBS Prefix List JAA-JZZ(2022)

bcbs prefix list jaa to jzz

Get updated BCBS prefix JAA-JZZ in the below-mentioned format. BCBS Prefix BCBS Plan Name JAA Blue Shield California JAB Blue Shield California JAC Blue Shield California JAD Blue Shield California JAE Not Assigned Prefix JAK Not Assigned Prefix JAN Not Assigned Prefix JAO Not Assigned Prefix JAV Not Assigned Prefix JAW Not Assigned Prefix JAX Not Assigned Prefix JAY … Read more

BCBS Alpha Prefix List(2022)

bcbs alpha prefix list

What is the BCBS Alpha prefix? Every Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan starts with an alpha prefix so they are called in medical terms BCBS Alpha Prefix. Alpha Prefix means plan id starts with three alphabets like ABC, XYZ, etc. The first two alphabets of the prefix denote the plan and the third alphabet … Read more

BCBS Alpha Prefix List From AAA-AZZ(2022)

bcbs alpha prefix AAA to AZZ

We updated the BCBS alpha prefix list from AAA- AZZ, in the below mentioned format. BCBS Alpha Prefix List AAA to AZZ Prefix BCBS Plan Name AAA BCBS  Alabama AAB BCBS Michigan AAC BCBS Illinois AAD BCBS  Texas AAE Anthem BCBS  Nevada AAF Regence BCBS  Washington AAG BCBS  Georgia AAH Anthem AAI BCBS  Michigan AAJ Regence BCBS  … Read more

Empire BCBS Phone Number and Claim Address (2022)

BCBS phone number and contacts, websites

BCBS Insurance ( Blue Cross Blue Shield) Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield plans ( BCBS) are perhaps the best known medical insurance programs in the United States. They were started as prepaid medical plans selling contracts to individuals or groups for coverage of specified medical expenses as long as the premiums were paid. Blue cross … Read more