BCBS Alpha Prefix HAA-HZZ (2023)

The BCBS alpha prefix HAA-HZZ is updated from reliable resources of Medical billing and coding and Healthcare information guides.

BCBS PrefixBCBS Plan Name
HAAHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HABHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HACHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HADCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HAEBCBS  Massachusetts
HAGAnthem Blue Cross  California
HAINot Unassigned Prefix
HAJIndependence Blue Cross
HAKBCBS  Florida
HALBCBS  Minnesota
HAMHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HANNot Unassigned Prefix
HAOBCBS  Michigan
HAPBCBS  Oklahoma
HAQHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HARRegence Blue Shield  Idaho
HASBCBS  Massachusetts
HAUAnthem BCBS  Nevada
HAVBCBS  Illinois
HAWBCBS  Michigan
HAXHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HAZHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HBANot Unassigned Prefix
HBBBCBS  Illinois
HBCHighmark BCBS
HBDHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HBENot Unassigned Prefix
HBFBCBS  Georgia
HBGCarefirst Administrators
HBHHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HBIAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HBJBCBS  Arkansas Blue Advantage
HBKHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HBLAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HBMHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HBNBCBS  Georgia
HBPBCBS  Minnesota
HBRBCBS  Massachusetts
HBSBCBS  Arkansas – Health Advantage
HBUBCBS  Georgia
HBVAnthem Blue Cross  California
HBWBCBS  North Carolina
HBXHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HBYHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HBZNot Unassigned Prefix
HCABCBS  Minnesota
HCCCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HCDHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HCEBCBS  Tennessee
HCFCarefirst Administrators
HCGWellmark BCBS
HCHCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HCINot Unassigned Prefix
HCJBCBS  Tennessee
HCKCarefirst Administrators
HCLBCBS  Illinois
HCMWellmark BCBS
HCNBCBS  Massachusetts
HCOHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HCPNot Unassigned Prefix
HCQAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HCRBCBS  Tennessee
HCSRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
HCTHighmark BCBS
HCUBCBS  Tennessee
HCVWellmark BCBS
HCWHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HCXNot Unassigned Prefix
HCZAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDARegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
HDBAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDCNot Unassigned Prefix
HDDBCBS  Minnesota
HDEBCBS  Tennessee
HDGBCBS  Mississippi
HDHWellmark BCBS
HDIBlue Shield  California
HDJAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDKBCBS  South Carolina
HDLAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDMBCBS  South Carolina
HDNNot Unassigned Prefix
HDONot Unassigned Prefix
HDPAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDQAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDRBCBS  Nebraska
HDSAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDTAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDUAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDWAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDXBCBS  South Carolina
HDYAnthem Blue Cross  California
HDZBCBS  Tennessee
HEAAnthem Blue Cross  California
HECNot Unassigned Prefix
HEDHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HEEBCBS  Illinois
HEFHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HEGNot Unassigned Prefix
HEIBCBS  Minnesota
HEJBCBS  South Carolina
HEKBCBS  Michigan
HEMNot Unassigned Prefix
HENHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HEOAnthem Blue Cross  California
HEPNot Unassigned Prefix
HEQBCBS  Illinois
HERCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HESBCBS  Georgia
HETNot Unassigned Prefix
HEUBCBS  Massachusetts
HEVWellmark BCBS
HEWAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HEXNot Unassigned Prefix
HEYBCBS  Illinois
HEZBCBS  Illinois
HFABCBS  Illinois
HFCNot Unassigned Prefix
HFDBCBS  Nebraska
HFENot Unassigned Prefix
HFFAnthem Blue Cross  California
HFGAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HFHHighmark BCBS
HFINot Unassigned Prefix
HFJNot Unassigned Prefix
HFKCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HFLRegence BCBS  Washington
HFMHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HFNBCBS  Minnesota
HFONot Unassigned Prefix
HFRHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HFSAnthem Blue Cross  California
HFTRegence BCBS  Washington
HFVBCBS  Georgia
HFWHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HFXBCBS  Minnesota
HFYBCBS  Georgia
HFZAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HGABCBS  Massachusetts
HGBCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HGEBCBS  Minnesota
HGFNot Unassigned Prefix
HGGWellmark BCBS
HGHCapital Blue Cross
HGJCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HGKNot Unassigned Prefix
HGNNot Unassigned Prefix
HGONot Unassigned Prefix
HGPWellmark BCBS
HGQNot Unassigned Prefix
HGRBCBS  Alabama
HGSHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HGTCarefirst Administrators
HGVNot Unassigned Prefix
HGWAnthem Blue Cross  California
HGXHighmark BCBS
HGYCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HGZHighmark BCBS
HHANot Unassigned Prefix
HHBEmpire BCBS  New York
HHCAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HHDNot Unassigned Prefix
HHEBCBS  South Carolina
HHFBCBS  South Carolina
HHHNot Unassigned Prefix
HHIWellmark BCBS
HHJBCBS  Michigan
HHLBCBS  Michigan
HHMBCBS  South Carolina
HHNNot Unassigned Prefix
HHOWellmark BCBS
HHPHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HHQWellmark BCBS
HHRAnthem BCBS  Virginia
HHSBCBS  Tennessee
HHUNot Unassigned Prefix
HHWHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HHXCapital Blue Cross
HHYBCBS  Minnesota
HHZBCBS  South Carolina
HIAAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HIBBCBS  Alabama
HIDNot Unassigned Prefix
HIENot Unassigned Prefix
HIFNot Unassigned Prefix
HIGNot Unassigned Prefix
HIHNot Unassigned Prefix
HIIBCBS  Alabama
HIJWellmark BCBS
HILBCBS  South Carolina
HIMHighmark BCBS
HIONot Unassigned Prefix
HIPNot Unassigned Prefix
HIQBlue Shield  California
HIRBCBS  Minnesota
HISBCBS  Kansas City
HIUNot Unassigned Prefix
HIVNot Unassigned Prefix
HIWNot Unassigned Prefix
HIXBCBS  South Carolina
HIYNot Unassigned Prefix
HJAAnthem Blue Cross  California
HJBAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HJCBCBS  Michigan
HJDNot Unassigned Prefix
HJEBCBS  Nebraska
HJFAnthem Blue Cross  California
HJGHighmark BCBS
HJHNot Unassigned Prefix
HJIBCBS  Michigan
HJLNot Unassigned Prefix
HJMNot Unassigned Prefix
HJNHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HJPBlue Shield  California
HJQBlue Shield  California
HJRHighmark BCBS
HJSCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HJTNot Unassigned Prefix
HJUNot Unassigned Prefix
HJVNot Unassigned Prefix
HJXHighmark BCBS
HJYBCBS  Michigan
HJZNot Unassigned Prefix
HKACarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HKBAnthem Virginia
HKCWellmark BCBS
HKDBCBS  Michigan
HKENot Unassigned Prefix
HKFHighmark BCBS
HKGNot Unassigned Prefix
HKHBCBS  Alabama
HKIBCBS  Michigan
HKJCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HKKNot Unassigned Prefix
HKLBCBS  Massachusetts
HKMBCBS  Georgia
HKNCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HKOBCBS  Vermont
HKPBCBS  Michigan
HKQAnthem Virginia
HKRNot Unassigned Prefix
HKSRegence Blue Shield  Washington
HKTWellmark BCBS
HKUBCBS  Minnesota
HKVNot Unassigned Prefix
HKWCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HKXAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HKYNot Unassigned Prefix
HKZIndependence Blue Cross
HLBNot Unassigned Prefix
HLCPremera Blue Cross
HLDPremera Blue Cross
HLEBlue Shield  California
HLFAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HLINot Unassigned Prefix
HLKAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HLLAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HLMHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HLNBCBS  Illinois
HLONot Unassigned Prefix
HLPWellmark BCBS
HLQNot Unassigned Prefix
HLRHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HLSBCBS  Alabama
HLTNot Unassigned Prefix
HLUNot Unassigned Prefix
HLXBCBS  Massachusetts
HLZAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HMABCBS  South Carolina
HMBHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HMCBCBS  Massachusetts
HMDBCBS  Alabama
HMFBCBS  Nebraska
HMGNot Unassigned Prefix
HMIBCBS  Massachusetts
HMJCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HMKBCBS  Nebraska
HMLBCBS  Alabama
HMNBlue Cross  Idaho
HMONot Unassigned Prefix
HMPBCBS  Massachusetts
HMQBCBS  Minnesota
HMRExcellus BCBS  New York
HMSNot Unassigned Prefix
HMTEmpire BCBS  New York
HMUBlue Cross  Idaho
HMVEmpire BCBS  New York
HMWNot Unassigned Prefix
HMXWellmark BCBS
HMYBCBS  South Carolina
HMZEmpire BCBS  New York
HNABCBS  Alabama
HNBAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HNCAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HNDRegence BCBS  Oregon
HNEBCBS  South Carolina
HNGNot Unassigned Prefix
HNHAnthem Blue Cross  California
HNIBCBS  Massachusetts
HNJHighmark BCBS
HNKBCBS  Massachusetts
HNLNot Unassigned Prefix
HNMNot Unassigned Prefix
HNNNot Unassigned Prefix
HNOBlue Shield  California
HNPAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HNQNot Unassigned Prefix
HNSAnthem Blue Cross  California
HNURegence BCBS  Utah
HNVAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HNWBCBS  Georgia
HNXBCBS  Michigan
HNYBCBS  Michigan
HNZBCBS  Michigan
HOABCBS  Michigan
HOBBCBS  Mississippi
HOEBCBS  South Carolina
HOFAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HOGNot Unassigned Prefix
HOHCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HOJBCBS  Massachusetts
HOKCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HOLBCBS  South Carolina
HOMBCBS  Kansas City
HONWellmark BCBS
HOOCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HOPPremera Blue Cross
HOQNot Unassigned Prefix
HORNot Unassigned Prefix
HOSBCBS  Massachusetts
HOUAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HOVNot Unassigned Prefix
HOWBCBS  Alabama
HOXNot Unassigned Prefix
HOYCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HOZCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HPAHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HPCBCBS  South Carolina
HPDBCBS  Massachusetts
HPEAnthem Blue Cross  California
HPFHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HPGBCBS  South Carolina
HPHNot Unassigned Prefix
HPINot Unassigned Prefix
HPJBCBS  Michigan
HPKNot Unassigned Prefix
HPLAnthem Blue Cross  California
HPMBlue Shield  California
HPNNot Unassigned Prefix
HPOBCBS  Illinois
HPPBCBS  Illinois
HPQNot Unassigned Prefix
HPRHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HPSNot Unassigned Prefix
HPTBCBS  Oklahoma
HPUBCBS  Illinois
HPVNot Unassigned Prefix
HPWCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HPXBCBS  Alabama
HPYEmpire BCBS  New York
HPZBCBS  Florida
HQAAnthem BCBS  Colorado
HQBNot Unassigned Prefix
HQCNot Unassigned Prefix
HQDWellmark BCBS
HQGBCBS  Georgia
HQHBCBS  Western New York
HQINot Unassigned Prefix
HQJNot Unassigned Prefix
HQLNot Unassigned Prefix
HQMHighmark BCBS
HQOBCBS  Western New York
HQPNot Unassigned Prefix
HQRBlue Shield  Northeastern New York
HQSBlue Shield  Northeastern New York
HQTBCBS  Western New York
HQUBCBS  Michigan
HQVNot Unassigned Prefix
HQWRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Utah
HQXBlue Shield  Northeastern New York
HQYBCBS  Illinois
HQZBCBS  Minnesota
HRABCBS  Tennessee
HRBHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HRCCapital Blue Cross
HRDNot Unassigned Prefix
HREBCBS  Illinois
HRFHighmark BCBS
HRGNot Unassigned Prefix
HRHAnthem Blue Cross  California
HRJAnthem Blue Cross  California
HRKPremera Blue Cross
HRLBCBS  Minnesota
HRMHighmark BCBS
HRNPremera Blue Cross
HROCapital Blue Cross
HRPCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HRQBCBS  Minnesota
HRRNot Unassigned Prefix
HRSPremera Blue Cross
HRTHighmark BCBS
HRUBCBS  Western New York
HRVNot Unassigned Prefix
HRWBCBS  Illinois
HRYBCBS  Alabama
HRZRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
HSAHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSCPremera Blue Cross
HSDHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSEHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSFHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSGHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSHHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSIHighmark BCBS
HSJHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSKBCBS  Illinois
HSLHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSMBCBS  Illinois
HSNHighmark BCBS
HSOBCBS  Michigan
HSPNot Unassigned Prefix
HSQHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSRHighmark BCBS
HSSBCBS  Minnesota
HSUHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HSVBCBS  Nebraska
HSWNot Unassigned Prefix
HSXBCBS  Michigan
HSYNot Unassigned Prefix
HSZBCBS  Massachusetts
HTAEmpire BCBS  New York
HTBBCBS  Minnesota
HTCNot Unassigned Prefix
HTDNot Unassigned Prefix
HTEBCBS  Illinois
HTFAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HTHPremera Blue Cross
HTIBlue Cross  Idaho
HTJBCBS  Illinois
HTKHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HTLBlue Shield  California
HTMHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HTNNot Unassigned Prefix
HTPNot Unassigned Prefix
HTQAnthem BCBS  Colorado
HTRBlue Shield  California
HTSPremera Blue Cross
HTTBCBS  Georgia
HTUBCBS  South Carolina
HTWAnthem Blue Cross  California
HTXBCBS  South Carolina
HTYNot Unassigned Prefix
HTZBCBS  Illinois
HUANot Unassigned Prefix
HUBHighmark BCBS
HUCBCBS  Michigan
HUEAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HUFHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HUGNot Unassigned Prefix
HUHNot Unassigned Prefix
HUJBCBS  South Carolina
HUKCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
HULPremera Blue Cross
HUMHighmark BCBS
HUNWellmark BCBS
HUOExcellus BCBS  New York
HUPBCBS  Kansas City
HUQNot Unassigned Prefix
HURNot Unassigned Prefix
HUSBCBS  Michigan
HUTBCBS  Michigan
HUUBCBS  Kansas City
HUVNot Unassigned Prefix
HUWAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HUXNot Unassigned Prefix
HUYBCBS  Alabama
HUZNot Unassigned Prefix
HVABCBS  Massachusetts
HVBBCBS  Minnesota
HVCNot Unassigned Prefix
HVDHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HVFBCBS  Massachusetts
HVHBCBS  Tennessee
HVJHighmark BCBS
HVLExcellus BCBS  New York
HVNAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HVPBCBS  Michigan
HVQNot Unassigned Prefix
HVUCarefirst Administrators
HVVBCBS  Nebraska
HVYBCBS  South Carolina
HVZBCBS  Georgia
HWAHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HWBHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HWCAnthem BCBS  Virginia
HWDAnthem Blue Cross  California
HWEHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HWFNot Unassigned Prefix
HWGWellmark BCBS
HWHAnthem Blue Cross  California
HWIWellmark BCBS
HWJNot Unassigned Prefix
HWKAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HWMBlue Cross  Idaho
HWNCarefirst Administrators
HWOCarefirst Administrators
HWPAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HWQNot Unassigned Prefix
HWRBCBS  Massachusetts
HWSRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Utah
HWTNot Unassigned Prefix
HWUNot Unassigned Prefix
HWVNot Unassigned Prefix
HWWHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HWXNot Unassigned Prefix
HWYNot Unassigned Prefix
HWZNot Unassigned Prefix
HXABCBS  Massachusetts
HXBNot Unassigned Prefix
HXCNot Unassigned Prefix
HXDNot Unassigned Prefix
HXENot Unassigned Prefix
HXFNot Unassigned Prefix
HXGBCBS  Georgia
HXHAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HXINot Unassigned Prefix
HXJAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HXKNot Unassigned Prefix
HXLAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HXMAnthem BCBS  Virginia
HXNBCBS  Oklahoma
HXOBCBS  Nebraska
HXPWellmark BCBS
HXQBCBS  Alabama
HXRPremera Blue Cross
HXSHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HXTIndependence Blue Cross
HXUAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HXVNot Unassigned Prefix
HXWAnthem Blue Cross  California
HXXCarefirst Administrators
HXYNot Unassigned Prefix
HXZNot Unassigned Prefix
HYAPremera Blue Cross
HYBHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
HYCBCBS  Oklahoma
HYDNot Unassigned Prefix
HYENot Unassigned Prefix
HYFBCBS  Arizona
HYGBCBS  Michigan
HYHBlue Shield  California
HYIWellmark BCBS
HYJBCBS  Illinois
HYKBCBS  Illinois
HYLNot Unassigned Prefix
HYMNot Unassigned Prefix
HYNBCBS  Alabama
HYONot Unassigned Prefix
HYPBCBS  Georgia
HYQNot Unassigned Prefix
HYRHighmark BCBS
HYTBCBS  Illinois
HYUAnthem Blue Cross  California
HYVWellmark BCBS
HYWBCBS  Illinois
HYXWellmark BCBS
HYYBCBS  North Carolina
HYZNot Unassigned Prefix
HZABCBS  Georgia
HZBBCBS  Florida
HZCNot Unassigned Prefix
HZDBCBS  Illinois
HZFNot Unassigned Prefix
HZGAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HZHWellmark BCBS
HZIBCBS  Nebraska
HZJNot Unassigned Prefix
HZKBCBS  Illinois
HZLNot Unassigned Prefix
HZMBCBS  Western New York
HZNNot Unassigned Prefix
HZONot Unassigned Prefix
HZPAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
HZQNot Unassigned Prefix
HZRPremera Blue Cross
HZSNot Unassigned Prefix
HZTHighmark BCBS
HZUPremera Blue Cross
HZVAnthem Blue Cross  California
HZWNot Unassigned Prefix
HZXBCBS  Michigan
HZZNot Unassigned Prefix
BCBS Alpha prefix HAA- HZZ

We are updating information time to time as per received latest info from official web portals of BCBS insurance , if any discrepancy found please reach us via contact us page.

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