BCBS Prefix List LAA-LZZ(2022)

BCBS prefix LAA-LZZ list is latest updated list on the basis information received from autherized online portals of Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance company.



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BCBS PrefixBCBS Plan Name
LAABCBS  Illinois
LABBCBS  Michigan
LADNot Assigned Prefix
LAEBCBS  Georgia
LAFAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LAGBCBS  South Carolina
LAHAnthem Blue Cross  California
LAJBCBS  New Mexico
LAKBCBS  Illinois
LALNot Assigned Prefix
LAMNot Assigned Prefix
LAONot Assigned Prefix
LAPBlue Shield  California
LAQBCBS  Illinois
LARBCBS  Illinois
LATNot Assigned Prefix
LAUNot Assigned Prefix
LAVAnthem Blue Cross  California
LAWPremera Blue Cross
LAXBCBS  Michigan
LAYNot Assigned Prefix
LAZBlue Shield  California
LBACapital Blue Cross
LBBAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LBCCapital Blue Cross
LBDAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LBEBCBS  Tennessee
LBFBCBS  Tennessee
LBGPremera Blue Cross
LBHCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LBIAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LBJBCBS  Minnesota
LBKBlue Shield  California
LBLBCBS  Massachusetts
LBMHighmark BCBS
LBOPremera Blue Cross
LBPBCBS  Oklahoma
LBQNot Assigned Prefix
LBRPremera Blue Cross
LBSBCBS  Massachusetts
LBTPremera Blue Cross
LBUAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LBVBCBS  South Carolina
LBWNot Assigned Prefix
LBXNot Assigned Prefix
LBYCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LCAWellmark BCBS
LCBBCBS  Illinois
LCCBCBS  Georgia
LCEBCBS  South Carolina
LCFNot Assigned Prefix
LCGAnthem Blue Cross  California
LCHBCBS  Illinois
LCIRegence Blue Shield  Washington
LCJBCBS  Florida
LCKBCBS  Florida
LCMBCBS  Minnesota
LCNBCBS  Tennessee
LCOBCBS  Alabama
LCPBCBS  Nebraska
LCQNot Assigned Prefix
LCRAnthem Blue Cross  California
LCSHighmark BCBS
LCTNot Assigned Prefix
LCUWellmark BCBS
LCVBCBS  Florida
LCWWellmark BCBS
LCXBCBS  Kansas City
LCYBCBS  Florida
LCZAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LDARegence BCBS  Utah
LDBAnthem Blue Cross  California
LDCNot Assigned Prefix
LDDHighmark BCBS
LDFNot Assigned Prefix
LDHWellmark BCBS
LDIBCBS  Minnesota
LDJNot Assigned Prefix
LDKNot Assigned Prefix
LDLAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LDMBCBS  Michigan
LDNNot Assigned Prefix
LDOBCBS  Georgia
LDPNot Assigned Prefix
LDQAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LDSNot Assigned Prefix
LDTNot Assigned Prefix
LDUAnthem Blue Cross  California
LDVNot Assigned Prefix
LDWNot Assigned Prefix
LDXNot Assigned Prefix
LDYAnthem Blue Cross  California
LDZAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LEAAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LEBAnthem Blue Cross  California
LEDBCBS  Illinois
LEEPremera Blue Cross
LEFAnthem Blue Cross  California
LEGBCBS  Illinois
LEHAnthem Blue Cross  California
LEJBlue Shield  Northeastern New York
LEKBCBS  Minnesota
LELBCBS  Illinois
LEMNotassigned Prefix
LEOBCBS  Michigan
LEPNotassigned Prefix
LEQNotassigned Prefix
LERBCBS  Massachusetts
LESHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LETBCBS  Western New York
LEUNotassigned Prefix
LEVBCBS  Louisiana
LEWAnthem Blue Cross  California
LEXAnthem Blue Cross  California
LEYNotassigned Prefix
LEZNotassigned Prefix
LFABCBS  Georgia
LFBBCBS  Illinois
LFCBCBS  Minnesota
LFEBCBS  Minnesota
LFFWellmark BCBS
LFHBCBS  Florida
LFIBCBS  Michigan
LFJAnthem Blue Cross  California
LFLWellmark BCBS
LFMBCBS  Illinois
LFNBlue Cross  Idaho
LFONotassigned Prefix
LFPBCBS  South Carolina
LFRBCBS  North Carolina
LFSIndependence Blue Cross
LFTBCBS  Minnesota
LFUAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LFVNotassigned Prefix
LFXBCBS  Kansas City
LFYAnthem Blue Cross  California
LFZNotassigned Prefix
LGBBCBS  Alabama
LGCAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LGDNotassigned Prefix
LGEAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LGFBlue Shield  California
LGGNotassigned Prefix
LGHAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LGKNotassigned Prefix
LGLHighmark BCBS
LGMBCBS  Arkansas
LGNNotassigned Prefix
LGOAnthem Blue Cross  California
LGPBCBS  Illinois
LGQAnthem BCBS  Colorado
LGRNotassigned Prefix
LGSBCBS  Alabama
LGTBCBS  Illinois
LGVNotassigned Prefix
LGXNotassigned Prefix
LGYNotassigned Prefix
LGZNotassigned Prefix
LHABCBS  South Carolina
LHBBCBS  Georgia
LHCNotassigned Prefix
LHDWellmark BCBS
LHENotassigned Prefix
LHFBCBS  Georgia
LHGHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LHHNotassigned Prefix
LHINotassigned Prefix
LHJHighmark BCBS
LHKPremera Blue Cross
LHLBCBS  Massachusetts
LHMNotassigned Prefix
LHNNotassigned Prefix
LHOCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LHPBCBS  Rhose Island
LHQCarefirst Administrators
LHRAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LHSCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LHURegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
LHVNotassigned Prefix
LHWAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LHYAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LIANotassigned Prefix
LIBAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LICAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LIDBCBS  South Carolina
LIFWellmark BCBS
LIGBlue Cross  Idaho
LIHNotassigned Prefix
LIJNotassigned Prefix
LIKNotassigned Prefix
LILWellmark BCBS
LINNotassigned Prefix
LIONotassigned Prefix
LIPNotassigned Prefix
LIQBCBS  South Carolina
LIRAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LISCarefirst Administrators
LITPremera Blue Cross
LIUBCBS  Rhose Island
LIVCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LIWRegence BCBS  Washington
LIXBCBS  South Carolina
LIYPremera Blue Cross
LIZCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LJABCBS  Georgia
LJCBCBS  Illinois
LJDBCBS  Western New York
LJEBCBS  Illinois
LJFNotassigned Prefix
LJGExcellus BCBS  New York
LJHWellmark BCBS
LJJBCBS  South Carolina
LJKBCBS  Massachusetts
LJLBCBS  Minnesota
LJMHighmark BCBS
LJNHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LJPNotassigned Prefix
LJRAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LJSNotassigned Prefix
LJTAnthem Blue Cross  California
LJUBCBS  Minnesota
LJWHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LJXBCBS  Illinois
LJYCarefirst Administrators
LJZAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LKABCBS  Massachusetts
LKBNotassigned Prefix
LKCBCBS  Western New York
LKDNotassigned Prefix
LKENotassigned Prefix
LKFHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LKGPremera Blue Cross
LKHNotassigned Prefix
LKINotassigned Prefix
LKJBCBS  Minnesota
LKKNotassigned Prefix
LKLCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LKNNotassigned Prefix
LKPBCBS  Florida
LKQBCBS  Illinois
LKRBCBS  Massachusetts
LKSNotassigned Prefix
LKTNotassigned Prefix
LKUWellmark BCBS
LKVNotassigned Prefix
LKXEmpire BCBS  New York
LKYAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LKZNotassigned Prefix
LLACarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LLBBCBS  Illinois
LLCBCBS  Louisiana
LLDNotassigned Prefix
LLENotassigned Prefix
LLFWellmark BCBS
LLGBCBS  Illinois
LLHIndependence Blue Cross
LLICarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LLJPremera Blue Cross
LLKWellmark BCBS
LLMHighmark BCBS
LLNAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LLOAnthem Blue Cross  California
LLPNotassigned Prefix
LLQNotassigned Prefix
LLRHighmark BCBS
LLSBCBS  Illinois
LLTAnthem Blue Cross  California
LLUBlue Shield  California
LLVNotassigned Prefix
LLWBCBS  South Carolina
LLXAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LLYAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LLZAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LMACarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LMDEmpire BCBS  New York
LMEAnthem Blue Cross  California
LMFBCBS  Nebraska
LMGRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
LMHBCBS  Massachusetts
LMIRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Utah
LMJNotassigned Prefix
LMKAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LMLHighmark BCBS
LMMBCBS  Vermont
LMNNotassigned Prefix
LMOBlue Shield  California
LMPCarefirst Administrators
LMRAnthem Blue Cross  California
LMSIndependence Blue Cross
LMTRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
LMURegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Utah
LMVAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LMWNotassigned Prefix
LMXNotassigned Prefix
LMYAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LMZAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LNAWellmark BCBS
LNBBCBS  Illinois
LNCAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LNEWellmark BCBS
LNFBCBS  Georgia
LNGBCBS  Michigan
LNHBCBS  South Carolina
LNINotassigned Prefix
LNKBCBS  Arkansas Blue Advantage
LNLAnthem Blue Cross  California
LNMBCBS  Minnesota
LNNAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LNPNotassigned Prefix
LNRAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LNSBCBS  Alabama
LNTBCBS  Arizona
LNUAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LNVAnthem Blue Cross  California
LNWHighmark BCBS
LNYNotassigned Prefix
LNZNotassigned Prefix
LOCBlue Shield  California
LODBlue Shield  California
LOEAnthem Blue Cross  California
LOKHighmark BCBS
LOLBCBS  Minnesota
LOMHighmark BCBS
LONAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LOPBlue Shield  California
LOQBCBS  Georgia
LORBCBS  Illinois
LOSNotassigned Prefix
LOTAnthem Blue Cross  California
LOUNotassigned Prefix
LOVBlue Shield  California
LOXBlue Shield  California
LOYCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LOZNotassigned Prefix
LPACarefirst Administrators
LPBBCBS  Kansas City
LPCBlue Shield  California
LPDCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LPFNotassigned Prefix
LPGCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LPHCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LPJCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LPKNotassigned Prefix
LPLAnthem Blue Cross  California
LPMNotassigned Prefix
LPNNotassigned Prefix
LPOBlue Cross  Northeast Pennsylvania
LPQBCBS  Michigan
LPSPremera Blue Cross
LPTRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
LPUAnthem Blue Cross  California
LPVNotassigned Prefix
LPWBCBS  Georgia
LPXBCBS  Tennessee
LPYNotassigned Prefix
LPZAnthem Blue Cross  California
LQABCBS  Alabama
LQBBCBS  Western New York
LQCNotassigned Prefix
LQENotassigned Prefix
LQFNotassigned Prefix
LQGNotassigned Prefix
LQHWellmark BCBS
LQJWellmark BCBS
LQKWellmark BCBS
LQLNotassigned Prefix
LQMBCBS  Rhose Island
LQNNotassigned Prefix
LQPNotassigned Prefix
LQQNotassigned Prefix
LQRBCBS  Illinois
LQSBCBS  Massachusetts
LQTNotassigned Prefix
LQUNotassigned Prefix
LQVBlue Shield  California
LQWBCBS  South Carolina
LQZAnthem Blue Cross  California
LRABCBS  Tennessee
LRBNotassigned Prefix
LRCIndependence Blue Cross
LRDBCBS  Tennessee
LREBCBS  Tennessee
LRFAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LRHWellmark BCBS
LRINotassigned Prefix
LRJCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LRKCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LRLHighmark BCBS
LRMBlue Shield  California
LRNNotassigned Prefix
LRPBCBS  Michigan
LRQBCBS  Michigan
LRRNotassigned Prefix
LRSBCBS  Michigan
LRTNotassigned Prefix
LRUAnthem Blue Cross  California
LRVNotassigned Prefix
LRXNotassigned Prefix
LRYNotassigned Prefix
LSAAnthem Blue Cross  California
LSBNotassigned Prefix
LSCBCBS  South Carolina
LSDBCBS  Illinois
LSEAnthem Blue Cross  California
LSFBCBS  South Carolina
LSGNotassigned Prefix
LSHHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LSINotassigned Prefix
LSJBCBS  Illinois
LSKBlue Shield  California
LSLRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
LSMBCBS  South Carolina
LSNNotassigned Prefix
LSPBCBS  South Carolina
LSQBCBS  South Carolina
LSSNotassigned Prefix
LSUBlue Shield  California
LSWHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LSYNotassigned Prefix
LTABCBS  Tennessee
LTBAnthem Blue Cross  California
LTCAnthem Blue Cross  California
LTDWellmark BCBS
LTEWellmark BCBS
LTFRegence Blue Cross Blue Shield  Oregon
LTGAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LTHNotassigned Prefix
LTIBCBS  Massachusetts
LTJHighmark BCBS
LTKBCBS  Minnesota
LTMNotassigned Prefix
LTNAnthem Blue Cross  California
LTOBCBS  Nebraska
LTPBCBS  Minnesota
LTQBCBS  South Carolina
LTRNotassigned Prefix
LTSNotassigned Prefix
LTTBlue Shield  California
LTUAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LTVHighmark BCBS
LTWNotassigned Prefix
LTXAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LTYBCBS  Illinois
LTZBCBS  Minnesota
LUBCapital Blue Cross
LUCBCBS  Florida
LUDCapital Blue Cross
LUENotassigned Prefix
LUFIndependence Blue Cross
LUIBCBS  Minnesota
LUJAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LUKAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LULBCBS  Minnesota
LUMAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LUNNotassigned Prefix
LUONotassigned Prefix
LUPCapital Blue Cross
LUQNotassigned Prefix
LURPremera Blue Cross
LUSAnthem Blue Cross  California
LUTCapital Blue Cross
LUUBCBS  Tennessee
LUVNotassigned Prefix
LUWNotassigned Prefix
LUXAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LUYBCBS  New Mexico
LUZAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LVAAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LVDEmpire BCBS  New York
LVEBCBS  North Carolina
LVFAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LVGNotassigned Prefix
LVHHighmark BCBS
LVIBCBS  Western New York
LVJCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LVKCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LVLNotassigned Prefix
LVMBCBS  Michigan
LVNPremera Blue Cross
LVPEmpire BCBS  New York
LVQCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LVRRegence BCBS  Utah
LVSBCBS  Arkansas Blue Advantage
LVUAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LVVCarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LVWBCBS  Florida
LVXAnthem Blue Cross  California
LVYNotassigned Prefix
LWABCBS  South Carolina
LWBWellmark BCBS
LWCBCBS  Western New York
LWDBCBS  South Carolina
LWEBCBS  Alabama
LWFNotassigned Prefix
LWGBCBS  Michigan
LWHNotassigned Prefix
LWIBCBS  Tennessee
LWJBCBS  Illinois
LWKEmpire BCBS  New York
LWMBCBS  Minnesota
LWNNotassigned Prefix
LWPEmpire BCBS  New York
LWQBCBS  Michigan
LWRHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LWUNotassigned Prefix
LWVNotassigned Prefix
LWWExcellus BCBS  New York
LWYBCBS  Tennessee
LWZBCBS  Alabama
LXABCBS  Minnesota
LXBHighmark BCBS
LXCBCBS  Western New York
LXDHighmark BCBS
LXEAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LXFBCBS  Louisiana
LXGBCBS  Minnesota
LXHBCBS  Illinois
LXKBCBS  Western New York
LXLAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LXNBCBS  Arkansas
LXPBCBS  Michigan
LXQBCBS  Western New York
LXRBCBS  Illinois
LXSBCBS  Louisiana
LXTBCBS  Western New York
LXUWellmark BCBS
LXVNotassigned Prefix
LXWAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LXXBCBS  Minnesota
LXYNotassigned Prefix
LXZNotassigned Prefix
LYACarefirst BCBS  Maryland
LYBBlue Cross  Northeast Pennsylvania
LYCAnthem Blue Cross  California
LYDPremera Blue Cross
LYENotassigned Prefix
LYFBCBS  Michigan
LYGAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LYHNotassigned Prefix
LYJAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LYKHighmark BCBS
LYMNotassigned Prefix
LYNPremera Blue Cross
LYONotassigned Prefix
LYPBCBS  Louisiana
LYQNotassigned Prefix
LYRBCBS  Massachusetts
LYSNotassigned Prefix
LYTAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LYUNotassigned Prefix
LYVAnthem BCBS  Virginia
LYWIndependence Blue Cross
LYXBCBS  Kansas City
LYYNotassigned Prefix
LYZWellmark BCBS
LZANotassigned Prefix
LZCBCBS  Michigan
LZDWellmark BCBS
LZEBCBS  Illinois
LZFBCBS  Illinois
LZGBCBS  Michigan
LZHWellmark BCBS
LZJAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LZKAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LZLBCBS  Massachusetts
LZMNotassigned Prefix
LZNAnthem Central Region (OH, IN, KY)
LZPBCBS  Michigan
LZQBCBS  Western New York
LZRBCBS  Nebraska
LZSWellmark BCBS
LZTBCBS  Michigan
LZUHorizon BCBS  New Jersey
LZVNotassigned Prefix
LZWBCBS  Illinois
LZXNotassigned Prefix
LZYNotassigned Prefix
LZZBCBS  Massachusetts

BCBS prefix LAA-LZZ list is updated carefully by experienced persons who are working in Medical Billing and Coding field for a long time but if there is any discrepancy found please let us know via the contact us page. We will take care of it ASAP.

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