What is a Certified Professional Coder Jobs(2024)

certified professional coder jobs and salary

After years of detachment and invisibility, one fine morning…a dear friend of mine texted me out of blue. Initially, it was arduous to recognize him, he had an extinction like those of dinosaurs (they disappeared suddenly!!!). But thank God! he still exists. While submerged in a lengthy conversation with him, I asked about his profession … Read more

What is Pre Authorization in Medical Billing?

pre authorization retro authorization

In medical billing, pre authorization is a pre-approval before providing medical service. An insurance plan requirement in which the service provider must notify the insurance company in advance about certain medical procedures or services in order for coverage to be considered. “Authorization is getting approval from the insurer before a procedure is performed to ensure … Read more

What is HMO Plan in Health Insurance?

HMO plans in medical billing

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO Plans) is only one of many types of managed care arrangements. In this, more emphasis is placed on prevention and quality of care. In the HMO Plan in health insurance, there is an opportunity to control healthcare costs of managed care. When someone joins an HMO Plan in health insurance, they … Read more

An Overview of American Healthcare System (2024)

an overview of USA healthcare system

The American healthcare system is very advanced and professional in comparison to the rest of the world. They are always trying to find out better ways to protect their citizens with a better plan of health insurance and keep away health insurance companies from fraud and abuse.  In the following article, we will discuss the … Read more

What is COBRA Insurance Definition in Medical Billing? (2023)

cobra guidelines in medical billing

As per the American Medical Association, the definition of COBRA is, “COBRA- Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (1985), it is a Federal law established in 1985 and it allows a worker to continue his employer-sponsored health insurance for up to 18 months if anyone loses his job due to any cause.” The Consolidated Omnibus Budget … Read more

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

medical billing and coding jobs

The Medical billing process is a payment practice between patients, insurance, and providers (Doctors) in the United States health care sector. Medical billing is also known as managed care practice in the United States of America’s health system which is involved with lots of Health Care activities in it. Some of such activities include submission … Read more

ICD 10 Codes Lookup (2024)

ICD10 codes lookup in medical coding

ICD-10 codes are the 10th edition of the International Classification of Diseases. ICD-10 code start using from 1 October 2015.If you are looking for a challenging career in the field of medical billing and coding then it might be a little bit confusing for you regarding the acronyms in the curriculum. So you might not … Read more

Work RVU Calculator 2024 – Relative Value Units

RUV Calculator basic understanding

The RVU Calculator is an essential tool used in the RBRVS system. It helps to determine the Relative Value Units (RVUs) associated with each procedure. RVUs are used to measure the relative value of medical services and play a critical role in determining reimbursement rates. The Centers use the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) for … Read more

How Pathology Billing Services Can Improve Your Practice’s RCM?

Revenue cycle management boosts provider revenue. RCM helps healthcare providers stay open and treat more patients. Revenue cycle management benefits providers and others. Revenue allows providers to spend more time and money on patient care. By verifying patient information and coding, RCM reduces insurance claim denials and boosts revenue. Providers save time and money by … Read more

NPI Lookup Registry: The Ultimate Guide for Healthcare Providers

npi lookup registry

Are you a healthcare provider looking for a way to streamline your practice? Do you need a quick and easy way to verify the credentials of other providers? Look no further than the National Provider Identifier (NPI) Lookup Registry! In this guide, we’ll explore what the NPI Lookup Registry is, how to use it, and … Read more