UB04 Type of Bill Codes List- TOB Codes (2021)

ub04 type of bill codes list

TOB or Type of Bill Codes is 4 digit alphanumeric code that identifies the kind of bill submitted to a payer from the billing company. TOB codes specify different parts of information on the UB-04 claim form or CMS-1450 claim form. UB-04 Type of Bill Codes List reported in field locator 4 on line 1. TOB … Read more

List of Revenue Codes for Medical Billing (2021)

list of revenue codes for medical billing

Revenue codes in medical billing are 4 digit numeric ids that are used in hospital bills to notify insurance companies that what type of services received by patients. These are 4 digit number always starting with “0 (Zero)”. We have updated the list of Revenue Codes for Medical Billing as per the latest information effective … Read more

New ICD-10-CM Covid-19 Codes Apply from 1-JAN-21

Covid-19 ICD-10 codes

The World Health Organization declared pandemic in  March 2020, and USA declared as National Emergency on 13 March 2020 due coronavisrus infection spread in mass.   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is announcing further additions to ICD-10-CM Covid-19 Codes to identify conditions related to Novel Corona Virus as per the under the … Read more

SSN Allocation List (2021)

ssn allocation list

SSN is short form of Social Security Number, this is 9 digit unique number provided to every US citizen, resident or temporary resident. SSN is unique for every individual and it is also non transferable. SSN is created in 1936 and the main purpose of creating these unique numbers is to tracking the earnings histories … Read more

Insurance Payer Id List 2021

insurance payer id list

The Insurance Payer ID is a unique identification number assigned to each insurance company. By Payer Id, every provider and insurance company or payer systems connect electronically with each other. Insurance Name Payer Id 1199 National Benefit Fund 13162 Ohio BWC 31147 1st Medical Network – Atlanta GA 29076 1st MN–Atlanta GA 29076 21st Century Health and Benefits 59069 21st Century Insurance … Read more

Railroad Medicare Prefix List 2021

railroad medicare prefix list

Railroad Medicare The Medicare insurance program covers railroad working personals like workers under the social security of other departments. example secured under COBRA A portion of railroad retirement tier I and social security payroll taxes paid by employees and employers finances Medicare. It is also financed in part by monthly premiums paid by enrollees. CMS- … Read more

Medicare Suffix List with Description 2021

medicare suffix list

Medicare insurance is the biggest federal insurance of the United States of America. Medicare insurance policy id identifies by its suffix. Medicare suffix should be alpha or alphanumeric. Medicare Suffix List 2020 Medicare Suffix Male/Female Description A M or F Primary wage earner B F Aged wife, 1st claimant B1 M Husband, 1st claimant B2 … Read more

State Medicaid Plans and Phone Number(2021)

state medicaid plans

State Medicaid plans and phone number updated as per latest update of 2020. State Medicaid Plans and Phone Numbers State Medicaid Phone Number Phone Number Alabama 1-800-727-7848 (AVRS) 1-800- 688-7989 (Provider Assistance Center) Alaska (907) 644-6800 (opt#1) Arizona 1-800-962-6690 (In state) 1-800-523-0231 Out of state Arkansas 1-800-457-4454 (in state) 1-(501)376-2211 (local & out of state) … Read more

ICD-10 Codes in Medical Billing (2021)

ICD10 codes in medical coding and billing

What are ICD and CPT codes in medical billing? ICD-10 codes are the 10th edition of the International Classification of Diseases. ICD-10 codes start using from 1 October 2015.If you are looking for a challenging career in the field of medical billing and coding then it might be a little bit confusing for you regarding … Read more