State Medicaid Plans and Phone Number(2024)

state medicaid plans

State Medicaid plans and phone number updated as per latest update of 2023. State Medicaid Plans and Phone Numbers State Medicaid Phone Number Phone Number Alabama 1-800-727-7848 (AVRS) 1-800- 688-7989 (Provider Assistance Center) Alaska (907) 644-6800 (opt#1) Arizona 1-800-962-6690 (In state) 1-800-523-0231 Out of state Arkansas 1-800-457-4454 (in state) 1-(501)376-2211 (local & out of state) … Read more

Blue Cross Blue Shield Website List (Updated 2024)

blue cross blue shield website list with state information

Although not as easily recognized as its carmine cousin the Red Cross, the Blue Cross is still a prominent symbol of medical assistance around the globe. The Red Cross is a visual symbol for universal health care and aid, but the Blue Cross Blue Shield has a more subtle meaning. We are updating Blue Cross Blue … Read more