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Gout is a disease caused by increased uric acid which is mostly seen in the elderly. It is responsible for a type of arthritis, it is also known colloquially as gouty arthritis. Arthritis Due to today’s changing lifestyle, obesity, and wrong eating etc., this disease is now making the young generation its victim along with the elderly. Most of the effects of arthritis are seen in the knee joints, due to which people have started seeing it as a disease of the knees, after that it is most visible in the bones of the hips. ICD 10 code for Arthritis is M13. 80 unspecified sites and other related codes of arthritis is also updated in below table.

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ICD 10 code for Arthritis

M13. 80 is ICD 10 code for Arthritis unspecified sites, other related arthritis diagnosis codes are also updated in below table,

ICD10 codes for arthritis
ICD CodesDescription
M13.159Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, unspecified hip
M13.16Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, knee
M13.161Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, right knee
M13.162Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, left knee
M13.169Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, unspecified knee
M13.17Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, ankle and foot
M13.171Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, right ankle and foot
M13.172Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, left ankle and foot
M13.179Monoarthritis, no elsewhere classified, unspecified ankle and foot
M13.8Other specified arthritis
M13.80Unspecified site
M13.81Other specified arthritis, shoulder
M13.811Other specified arthritis, right shoulder
M13.812Other specified arthritis, left shoulder
M13.819Other specified arthritis, unspecified shoulder
M13.82Other specified arthritis, elbow
M13.821Other specified arthritis, right elbow
M13.822Other specified arthritis, left elbow
M13.829Other specified arthritis, unspecified elbow
M13.83Other specified arthritis, wrist
M13.831Other specified arthritis, right wrist
icd 10 code for arthritis


What is Arthritis ?

Arthritis is primarily caused by inflammation and damage to the tissues of the joints. The tissue becomes red, hot, painful and sometimes swollen due to irritation. In Indian Ayurveda, Gout is called ‘Vatarakta’. Therefore, it is caused by contamination of blood and air. Due to wrong eating and drinking, the blood gets contaminated and creates obstruction in the body for the passage of air and then the air and blood get contaminated and flow in the whole body. Due to these contaminated blood and air, symptoms like pain, burning sensation, redness etc. are felt.

Arthritis is commonly seen in adults over the age of 65, but it can also develop in children, teenagers and young adults due to our mistakes. Comparatively, the symptoms of arthritis are more seen in men. In some types of severe arthritis, there is a lot of damage to the joints, the place where two bones meet is called a joint.

Causes of Arthritis:

Arthiritis is a genetic disease, if a person in the family has this problem, then there are more chances that the disease will continue here. Symptoms of arthritis develop over time, sometimes they can appear suddenly. Causes of arthritis Our diet and lifestyle play an important role in this. Consuming excessive meat-fish and alcohol causes complaints of arthritis, besides fructose-rich beverages and obesity are also responsible.According to the doctors of AIIMS, due to any wound or serious injury on the knee, there is pressure inside the knee and due to this the balance of the functioning of the knee gets disturbed. When there is excessive pressure on the joints due to injury, the cartilage is badly damaged, due to which there can be problems due to arthritis, due to which there is a problem of arthritis.

Effects of Arthritis on Body:

Arthritis causes severe pain while sitting and walking, this pain can be felt in the joints, ankle, back, fingers, hands, muscles, neck, or wrist. Due to pain and immobility, arthritis affects the quality of life of people both personally and professionally. Apart from this, arthritis can also cause problems with sleep, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Some other types of arthritis can also increase the risk of developing chronic conditions such as lung disease, diabetes and heart disease. This can make it difficult to walk or sit.Arthritis causes pain, disability, and in some cases, premature death. In many cases this leads to permanent joint changes which can only be seen through x ray.

Symptoms of Arthritis:

Different slugs have different symptoms of arthritis, these symptoms appear over time. Symptoms of arthritis can be mild in some people and severe in some, or some people may not see symptoms in the beginning. Following are some common symptoms-

◆Uric acid: Increase in the level of uric acid in the blood.

◆Stiffness: Feeling of stiffness that does not go away even after a few days and unbearable pain on touch.

◆Swelling: In some types of arthritis, the skin over the affected joint becomes red and swollen and feels warm to the touch.

◆Sitting problem: If there is pain while sitting or moving the joint, then it can be a symptom of arthritis.

How to protect our self from Arthritis ?

Even today knee arthritis can be treated without any medical drugs, it can be treated better through exercise and physiotherapy. Some yogasanas and physical exercises can completely relieve arthritis.Following are some of the remedies-

◆ Control your weight because excess weight can cause arthritis problems.

◆Massage the joints with olive oil.

◆ Take bath with lukewarm water regularly in the morning.

◆ Try to move the joint with the help of doctor and nurse.

◆Massaging with castor oil provides relief from arthritis pain.

ICD 10 code for rheumatoid arthritis is M06. 9 


Through today’s post, we have come to know what is arthritis, how to protect yourself from arthritis, what is the cause of arthritis and what are its symptoms. Has the ability to influence. It can be due to some serious injury, excessive weight is also a factor responsible for this. Its symptoms appear over time, sometimes they appear suddenly.It is not necessary to have fever in normal joint pain, it gets cured on its own in a few days, but in the beginning of arthritis, fever also comes along with pain and swelling. Comparatively, this disease is seen more in men. Arthritis is mostly seen in the elderly and adults, it usually starts showing its effect at the age of 30 to 50 years. And especially in this it happens after 40 years and takes a serious condition at the age of 65 years.


Q1. Are joint pain and arthritis the same?

Ans. No, joint pain and arthritis are not called the same disease, there is a lot of difference between the two. Joint pain is commonly called Arthritis, and it is an inflammatory disease occurring in the joints, in which there is excessive pain and pain in the joints, while arthritis is an independent disease different from normal joint pain, which is different from joint pain, it It is called gout.

Q2. Why does arthritis happen?

Ans. Any person has arthritis problem only when there is a deficiency of cartilage. Due to the lack of cartilage, one bone rubs against another, due to which many problems arise.

Q3. What should Arthritis patients eat?

Ans. Eating vegetables like garlic, ginger, broccoli, spinach, tomato and pumpkin can be very beneficial for arthritis patients. Avoid eating vegetables like gram, kidney beans, jackfruit. Fried things can increase your problem.

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