Place of Service 50|POS 50 in Medical Billing(2021)

place of service 50

You might have noticed that during claiming medical insurances you have to mention a unique code. This code is often very inclusive and unique to the area of service for each medical treatment. Place of service 50 code is used in health insurance when services provided at Federally Qualified Health Center (A facility located in … Read more

Place of Service 24|POS 24 in Medical Billing(2021)

place of service 24 in medical billing

Place of service or POS is the two-digit code used in medical billing, while one has to determine the location where the service was provided to the patient. Place of service 24 is used for ambulatory services or ambulatory surgical centre These Place of service codes are usually used for insurance claims, therefore it is … Read more

BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix N2A to N9Z List (2021)

BCBS Alpha numeric Prefix N2A to N9Z list is updated from authorized and trusted resources and based on the latest information. BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix BCBS Plan Name N2A BCBS of Illinois N2B BCBS of Illinois N2C BCBS of Minnesota N2D Premera BCBS of Alaska N2E BCBS of Alabama N2F Regence BCBS N2G Anthem BCBS … Read more

List of Deleted ICD-10-CM Codes in 2021

list of deleted icd-10 codes

There are 66 ICD-10-CM codes deleted in year 2021 and this is effective from 1st October, 2020. This Deleted ICD-10-CM codes are listed below Deleted ICD-10-CM Codes List  ICD codes Description A84.8  Other tick-borne viral encephalitis B60.0  Babesiosis D59.1  Other autoimmune hemolytic anemias D72.1  Eosinophilia D84.8  Other specified immunodeficiencies E70.8  Other disorders of aromatic amino-acid … Read more